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  Of Course There's Rules!

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PostSubject: Of Course There's Rules!   Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:25 pm

This suggestion forum is designed to make sure that we are keeping you happy. We want to resolve any and all problems as quickly as possible. We also want to make sure this is an easy site to read and write on. If you feel that there needs to be a change, of any sort, please put it down here.

Naturally, there are some rules.

  1. Be Respectful. A lot of us have lives outside of this forum. If it takes a few days to get back to you, please understand that life DOES happen, even to admins and mods. Ensure that your posts are clear, concise, and not rude. No one wants to do anything for someone that disrespects them.

  2. Know What You Want. We are not mind readers. If you see something and want it to change, inform us and be detailed about it. "The font in some places is hard to read," does not tell us where it is. It would save us a lot of time as well as make sure that what you want done is done quickly and efficiently.

  3. Do not Name Names. If, for some reason, you have a problem with someone on this board, let us know through a PM. Do not escalate the problem by announcing it to the world.

Thank you.
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Of Course There's Rules!
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