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 PG-13 Roleplaying Rules (Updated 04 August 13)

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PG-13 Roleplaying Rules (Updated 04 August 13) Empty
PostSubject: PG-13 Roleplaying Rules (Updated 04 August 13)   PG-13 Roleplaying Rules (Updated 04 August 13) EmptyFri Nov 09, 2012 7:50 pm

PG-13 RP Rules

Please note: these rules are final. We have a strict “three strike” policy. Three strikes within a six month period will result in a suspension. Another strike after that is a ban. Each strike sits on your profile for six months, after which it will be deleted. If any of these rules are not clear to you or if you have a question about a post, please let a mod or admin know.

1. You Cannot Bunny.
Bunnying is taking control of another person’s character without their expressed permission. It includes:

  • Forcing a character to succumb to a negative or positive status. This means that you may not make a character fall ill, hurt them in combat, or any other ailment without the permission of the owner of the character. This also means you cannot make a character happy by simply casting a spell. Those are examples and do not include everything that a negative or positive status could be.

  • Making them go somewhere/do something. That should be self-explanatory. You cannot make them follow you or do exactly what you wanted them to do.

2. Use Tactful Profanity.
It is very common to use swear words. In the PG-13 forum, use swear words appropriately and have them few and far between.  

3. Limit Illegal or Mind Altering Drug Use
Illegal and mind altering drugs include, but are not limited to alcohol, meth-amphetamines, "date rape" drugs, and other substances. Mentioning them and their effects is permitted but it is better to be alluded to rather than blatantly stated. Blatantly stated as in, what type, how much, and how it was used. Encouraging use on the OOC or the IC is an immediate strike.

4. Do not Bully or Harass.
Bullying and harassing someone you cannot see is plain cowardice. It is pathetic and makes the bully look like a fool, not the victim. If bullying is seen on this forum, it is an immediate strike. Harassment, whether sexually or by pestering, is unwelcome. It is also an immediate strike.

5. Refrain from Explicit Sexual Content.
Alluding to and even describing a little bit of sexual content is allowed. Blatant, almost pornographic works will be deleted and the user will be issued a warning. Our minds work well enough; we will know what happened behind closed doors without a play-by-play.

6. The RP Host Is King.
When involved in a Roleplay, please follow the guidelines given to you by your host. Besides Moderators and Administrators, they are the ones who are in control of the Roleplay. If they tell you they do not feel comfortable with a character or post, change it. Respect them.

7. Use Proper Grammar.
Spelling words right, correct punctuation, and using the right words in the right context is a must. I will chase after you with the banhammer until you learn how to write English!

8. The Auto-Prune
RP ICs are automatically sent to the Inactive Threads subforum after 45 days without a post. RP OOCs are automatically sent to Inactive Threads after 60.
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PG-13 Roleplaying Rules (Updated 04 August 13) Empty
PostSubject: Re: PG-13 Roleplaying Rules (Updated 04 August 13)   PG-13 Roleplaying Rules (Updated 04 August 13) EmptySat Jul 25, 2015 9:12 pm

In addition to the above rules PG-13 RPs should be labeled as such using parenthesis at the end.

For Example:

Quote :
Showdown in Big Strange (PG-13)
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PG-13 Roleplaying Rules (Updated 04 August 13)
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