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 Stuff that I am told that is good.

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PostSubject: Stuff that I am told that is good.   Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:24 pm

Hunters of shadows
Guardians of light.
Darkness shall flee
as we run through the night

Speeding and weaving,
through the alleyways and streets
our battle is following
an unheard beat.

The people they sleep
they give not a care
that we protect peace
and keep their life fair

This is as well
for should they see
the darkness that hunts them
their peace would not be.

So while at night we battle
their nightmares made real
we hide in the daylight
so that fear they won't feel

Silence is golden
but light it will show
that many things other
then silence is gold

Like the laughter of children
The speech of adult
The cry of a baby
or stammer of a dolt

For these things we guard,
things taken for granted.
Keep these things close
and keep your heart planted.
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Stuff that I am told that is good.
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