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 The Darker One

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PostSubject: The Darker One   Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:05 pm

Here I am, once again
All alone, without a friend.
The darkness calls from deep inside,
Offering me a place to hide.

The blood seeps through, crimson red
As I fall, the wounds begin to bleed
Cuts and bruises, black and blue
All because, I'm here with you

Crying softly, the tears stain my face
But, to you, its a horrible disgrace
Yelling and screaming, hitting me hard
I have no shield, or body guard

Night falls, the sun dies down
And then you come, prowling around
Just to yell and make me bleed
All because of your selfish greed

And when the day comes,
The sun shines bright
You leave once more,
Just to come again later, and make the blood pour

Why can't you just let me be
Leave me here, and set me free
I'd rather cry alone in the dark
Then have you here, breaking my heart

But you won't leave
You always come,
To break me down
And prove that I'm the darker one
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The Darker One
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