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 The Dreamer of Dreams

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The Dreamer of Dreams Empty
PostSubject: The Dreamer of Dreams   The Dreamer of Dreams EmptyThu Apr 04, 2013 7:23 pm

A dreamer awaits for the coming of night
So she can dream, that blessed twilight
The deepest depths of her creative mind
Colorful light, quiet and kind

Walking along, singing a soft melody,
the dreamer looks up and smiles
For the stars in the sky twinkle serene
And dance upon the silky night sky

Singing and dancing,
Laughter galore
This dreamer is happy,
Crying no more

She once was lost, dark and distant
But then she started dreaming,
And she saw it, the life she missed
And decided to create

A dream that would fit
The pieces that were missing.
S, she dreams of a place,
Where she could be free,
A place where she could be who she wanted to be

A dreamer awaits for the coming of night
So she can dream, upon the silky twilight
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The Dreamer of Dreams
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