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 ~Dreams-A Poem~

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~Dreams-A Poem~ Empty
PostSubject: ~Dreams-A Poem~   ~Dreams-A Poem~ EmptyThu Apr 04, 2013 7:20 pm

I close my eyes
The day light dies
The dreams soon flow,
My imagination grows

Stars shine and twinkle,
In the dark blue sky
The moon is all alone,
And because of this I cry.

I run across the sands of time,
Music plays, such a beautiful chime.
Diamonds glitter, rubies sparkle red,
My sleep is so deep, its almost as if I'm dead.

I'm smiling softly, though the tears still fall,
I sing a song, and hear you call.
The sun now rises,
Burning bright and warm
It kisses my face,
with a heavenly charm.

I open my eyes,
But for some reason and being
Even when I'm awake,
My soul is still dreaming.
ECM, 2013
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~Dreams-A Poem~
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