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 My Poem Collection

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The Artsy Computer Geek
The Artsy Computer Geek

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PostSubject: My Poem Collection   Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:33 pm

Will You Even Listen Anymore?

There is only so much damage a person can take
For some they can only take so little, like glass they are fragile
For others like a wall they can take more damage, over time;
But even then they will crumble as the clock ticks.

But then in this cruel world there are so many ways a person can be damaged
Some can be through misunderstandings, through betrayal,
Some get hurt when those closest to them are hurt
And some just don't have the confidence… anymore

What people forget is that we are all different
You can't just say buck up and take it
You can't say that names don't hurt
You can't say… but what is the use anymore

Another thing that time betrays us with is that people change
Oh so very much
Not all of them, most of them will however,
Some will even drift away from you… those links can never be reconnected

One more thing that can hurt is when you don't feel you can trust any longer,
You struggle to try and find a reason to trust them after they've changed
You try to find something that used to be there,
But then you only end up getting hurt.

But like I have always said,
… Mind it, will you even listen anymore?
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Green-Eyed Demon


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PostSubject: Re: My Poem Collection   Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:33 am

Wow. That is a pretty emotional poem. It touched me deeply, which is pretty rare for a poem. I personally don't do any of the stuff seeing as how I can never figure out meter and what not.
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The Artsy Computer Geek
The Artsy Computer Geek

Posts : 684
Join date : 2012-11-11

PostSubject: Re: My Poem Collection   Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:10 pm

Silent Tears

You always seem to smile,
I've never seen you shed a tear.
It's like you have no feelings,
You don't know hateful words.

Your face shows no hate or fear,
Sadness, harsh words never leave a scratch.
You're like a shell, nothing but flesh
And a fake smile to keep you along.

When you finally shed a tear,
When you reach your limit,
Scars and old wounds,
Open up once again.

But your tears are different,
They cannot be seen or heard,
But they are there, you should know.
But not many can see these tears.

The tears are now visible they can be heard,
Scars and old wounds will heal again,
You just have a lesson to learn,
It's okay to cry…

You don't have to cry…
Silent Tears

Everlasting Silence

Walking along those lonely streets,
The moon becomes your sun
The flame of star light become your candles,
As the world continuously passes you by

I wonder where the people have gone
The families, the friends, they’ve…
The once busy streets have slowly faded,
From the Day into the Night

I do not quite understand myself
Why my mind has slowly quietened
I do not understand why my words are slowly…

But one thing I do know, is the feeling of isolation
The feeling that maybe I am unwelcomed,
The paranoia of being unwanted,
Excluded, feeling as though I am shutting myself off.

There is one more thing I have figure out,
Through these words I have spoken to you
Is that one thing is sure to come
But I doubt you will ever notice

The oncoming of my…
Everlasting Silence.
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PostSubject: Re: My Poem Collection   

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My Poem Collection
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