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 Strike Force Angel (NoelBles)

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PostSubject: Strike Force Angel (NoelBles)   Strike Force Angel (NoelBles) EmptyFri Jun 03, 2016 1:30 pm

Other than Black Team and Osiris, there is another Spartan team that ONI utilizes. A Spartan-II that had undergone augmentations and was listed dead, was resuscitated and underwent reconstructive surgery. After the surgery, He had a company assigned to him to command and lead on high risk operations. The company became known as Strike Force Angel, or Angel Team. The Spartans in command are:

Spartan-018 Gavin - Commander
Spartan-173 Maurice -Reconnaissance, Assassinations
Spartan-013 Kate - Combat Sniper/Counter Sniper
Spartan-090 Hampton - Universalist
Spartan-146 Dequain - CQC
Spartan-027 Emily - Long Range Sniper

All assignments these Spartans go on are classified and are done through various UNSC vessels. Because of their involvement with ONI many of the Spartans are deployed with custom versions of their weapons; Variants not open to other units due to their highly classified nature and only Spartans on the UNSC Infinity are allowed access too only through Warzone simulations. That being said, ONI collected the data from these Warzone simulations and found the most effective and most used weapons and began producing them. Dossiers for all the Spartans in this company are included within this briefing. The contents of which are top secret and revealing these is tantamount to treason and will be dealt with accordingly. The information pertaining to Sierra-018 is below. Please read it.

Use the template for Spartan-018. If you'd like to be a Spartan 2 instead of a Spartan 4 please let me know now because there are differences.
Name: Gavin <redacted>
Designation: Gavin-018
Callsign: Arch Angel
Rank: Commander
Role: Commander of Angel Company

Age: <Redacted>
Height: 8' 6"
Personality: When on the mission he is very focused and mission oriented while maintaining a very calm mind during battle. However when in the company of his fellow Spartan ll's he relaxes and almost seems to enjoy the combat encounter, frequently making jokes and laughing. He is shown to care very much about his company and is quick to ask the hard questions. He is not a fan of not being in the know and has assaulted several ONI intelligence officers for skimping on information and nearly getting members of his Company killed. He treats the company like his family; Brothers and sisters in arms and not like weapons. He is known to get along exceptionally well with ODST and can often be seen socializing with them in the mess hall as well as his Spartans. When asked why he has a positive attitude he stated that "Even though his childhood was robbed from him, he is still in the company of people who bring out the best in him. If he dwells on the past and what was taken he cannot lead."
Armor (If Any): Various sets of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor
Appearance (Out of Armor): Dirty blonde shaved hair with hazel eyes. The Spartan Branch insignia is tattooed on his left pectoral with a shield and on his right side is faceless angel with sword.

Weapon Loadout:
Primary: Assault Rifle with APE Hardlight rounds, Recon Sight, and Retractable Energy Bayonet
Secondary: Varies from mission to mission
Backup: Codename: Obliterator - A compact one shot weapon the fires a condensed bolt of hard light with the power of a Binary Rifle
Grenade: Experimental white plasma grenades
Melee: Energy Hatchet with extendable handle that makes the blade bigger, or Plasma Broadsword
​Promethean Artifact: Promethean Cache Key

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PostSubject: Re: Strike Force Angel (NoelBles)   Strike Force Angel (NoelBles) EmptyTue Jun 07, 2016 5:23 pm

Name: Ayane
Designation: Ayane - 057
Callsign: Phoenix
Rank: Specialist.
Role: Medic and Mechanic.

Age: <Redacted>
Height: 7' 5"
Personality: Ayane has been regarded as a strange one, known to be almost cold hearted when it comes to combat but she'll put aside her own safety to make sure marines, ODST's and her fellow Spartans are always in fighting shape, however, when it comes to downtime between deployments, she'll often be found with Marines and ODST's in the mess hall and when not there, she'll be in the infirmary helping the doctors. Her last 'haunt' is the vehicle depot, often working on the Scorpion tanks. When around her fellow Spartans, she's the quiet one of the group, letting out a small chuckle when she finds the need to. She'd much rather bury herself in her work then stop to converse with people. (The exception to this 'rule' is when she is taking care of a patient, she'll suddenly become very talkative.) "If someone is to die, they should at least die in good company and with a smile on their face."
Armor (If Any): Tenshin Raikou Armour set.
Appearance (Out of Armor): When Ayane removes her helmet, many find the most striking feature about her is her 'silver' hair, having a shine to it and having it long. Her eyes are a sapphire blue and often draw attention like her hair.

Weapon Loadout:
Primary: Assualt rifle fitted with custom mounted grenade launcher and kinetic rounds.
Secondary: Shotgun fitted with a Reflex scope.
Backup: M6 Magnum pistol fitted with Silencer.
Grenade: Frag Grenades with a Phoenix symbol on them.
Melee: Ayane wields a Custom Energy sword that has been modeled into a Katana, print locked to her.
Unique property on weapons and armour: Ayane gained her nickname due to her fascination with the idea of the Phoenix, often painting a Phoenix inside a shield on her weapons, armour and medical equipment. Sometimes even on her vehicles.

"Why do I help people and fix our Vehicles? Because we all deserve to live through this where we can."

"Even though I can see you.. are you truly still there?"

(Sorry for leaving it so long, but as mentioned in another post, I have not had internet access.)
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Strike Force Angel (NoelBles)
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