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 Noel's work Desk

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PostSubject: Noel's work Desk   Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:09 pm

Okay. So, I just needed a topic/Area where I can put all my strange character and story drabblings and this is that area now! Most of these are a WIP (Work In Progress) and some have been forgotten by me due to not wanting to finish them, lacking the motivation to or just writers block that I can't seem to get rid off. Anyway! Enjoy.

Nova - The Primer
Name: Elise Valentine
Alias: Nova
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: English - British
Occupation: Killer and hero.
Appearance: Nova is a woman of a rather strange appearance and curvy body, liking to stand out in anyway she can and to do this sports bright pink (almost neon like) neck length hair, which she wears in a jagged fashion. Her eyes are a 'blood red' that seem to sing with violence when people stare too long, her skin seems to be extremely pale, but for those who get close enough to touch her, her skin seems to be extremely soft. To go with her 'unusual' style of hair and eyes, she wears a black T-shirt with what appears to have a reactor on it, which she says symbolizies her. She wears a pair of shorts to go with these, but they are a reddish-black and are reletively plain save for the Holster she has on them. To help with her 'height' issues of only standing at five foot six, she wears a pair of combat boots which push her up a little, which also hold a throwing knife on the outside.

Weapons: Nova wields a set of Dual Kama's, which she uses to devastating effect when allowed to use them. If she is not allowed to reach for them, she carries a single Katana as well and uses a fighting style that revolves around back handed strikes and sheathe strikes. For ranged combat she uses a Custom Machine gun that carries a 100 round Magazine, for when she doesn't feel like using that, she has a sniper rifle for more precise takedowns and to compliment these weapons, she wields two sets of pistols at all times, one set being M9 Berettas and the other being G18 pistols set to fully automatic. For when she needs to make an exit, she carries a bladed hook that can carry her to buildings, or cut her foes.

Abilities: Nova has two main abilities that she uses, one revolves around her clicking her fingers and tapping the floor with her foot, this will send out a blast to hit everyone around her, and priming them with volatile anti-matter, which she can then detonate with any other motion that she wishes, when it detonates, everyone who was primed will just explode into a cloud of primed anti-matter in a colour of Nova's choosing. Her other Ability is almost the same as the other, but instead, the Anti-matter surrounds her and protects her from harm by destroying anything that enters the field around her.

History: She's a killer, not much else is known according to Police records, and she hasn't been willing to help them expand on said profile.

Mental state: Classed as Insane and crazy by those that meet her due to her 'tendancies' to get bored and go out.

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Noel's work Desk
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