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 Outer Heaven's Divide (OOC)

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PostSubject: Outer Heaven's Divide (OOC)   Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:44 am

It's finally happening! I finally did it... I'm posting it in an unfinished state... Purely because... I can't add more without ruining the story. Even if this doesn't take off, I want it here for the sake of having it here.

RP Title: Outer Heaven's Divide

Story Summery: Terrigriga, land of peace and prosperity in the past, is quickly slipping into a tumultuous future. Once a beautiful home to all creatures from any walk, everything changed with the arrival of the Balkra. This new race of creatures came claiming to bring a secure future. They warned of a coming war, and promised to bring the land through to peace when it ended. They explained that before long, the factions would turn against each other and skirmishes would break out all over the land.

The Balkra came in search of a young girl whose ideals would be the hope of victory in the war over the gods and goddess' who were influencing the factions to fight. She had the ideals, but lacked an army to fight for her. The Balkra were able to assemble a small but capable force to follow Paz. Among them were the notorious Warriors known for their deeds throughout time, dimensions, and other universes. The Mistress of Blades, and the Mistress of Silence were unparalleled in skill and prowess in battle. Their lethal ability with their respective weapons was unmatched. They were always together, and never portrayed correctly in pictures. A warrior known as the Blade Knight, also joined up with Paz, this mythical existence known as the Blade Knight only has stories surrounding her, many say she is the spawn of demons but rebelled against her creators and that is why any and all magic or otherworldly forces do not affect her, other stories say that she is a phantom who has come back to monitor the Necromancers, but all is far from the truth.

The goal of Paz's force: To defeat the gods and goddess' and send them back to their own homes. Then the lands can revel in its natural peace once again!

Other Warriors include a Succubus who is known for her 'violent' nature, but a firm believer in peace. Choosing to solve her problems through shutting the opposing people up... Permanently. Known for kicking her team-mates when they annoy her. Another Warrior is a Golem of Ancient Power, known for its calm personality and strong defence, risking its own life to protect its 'friends'. The last notable warrior as of late to join Paz is a Maiden of the Moon known as Aura, Little is known about her aside from the legends about her, but even they barely touch upon her skills, causing her to be an Enigma among the force.

The world itself, is unique in the fact it has no water left on its lush greenland, scarred with the many battles that the past had left it with. It had began to recover, the dwarven mountains once again forging with the fires they were so known fore and a single mountain standing in the middle of the landmass, shining bright like the sun itself and home to the ever shining Solari Order. Many towns scatter the land mass, all trying to survive and prosper in their respective ways. However, War has once again reered it's ugly head on this land, will it survive another war or will it finally crumble into nothingness.

Races being involved:

Maidens of the moon, Solari, Necromancer's, Elves, Humans, Telari's, Dragon-Morph's, Androids,
Dwarves, Trewa, Orcs, Succubi, Balkra, Semi-Humans,
Angels and Golems

(Small 'description/bio' of unknown.)
Balkra = Inter-Dimensional Time Police
Telari = Living beings of Magic
Trewa = Humanoid Giants with Animalistic features

'Passive' Race Abilities:
Human: Humans aren't 'spectacular' compared to most races, having average 'stats' on everything, however, they are known for their will and defiance to impossible situations, giving them an advantage against the armies that now threaten the land.

Maidens of the moon: Maidens of the moon are slightly more fragile than humans, but possess an inhuman like agility, they are known for being unnaturally pale, showing their connection to the moon and the night. While the moon is in the sky, the Maiden's battle prowess improves, improving their already increadible agility and also granting them access to 'Luna Crest', a powerful spell that harnesses the energy of the moon.

Solari: The Solari are almost the polar opposite of the Maidens of the Moon, choosing to serve the sun over the moon, this had led to ancient conflicts between the two, however, they are putting this aside for now in order to fight the rising chaos. The Solari aren't as fragile as the Maiden's, choosing to instead wear heavy armor, and can take hits that would usually wind or even KO a normal human. They use the power of the sun to stun and 'lock down' their enemies.

Necromancer's: NEcromancers are a strange breed, most of them are already dead and have found ways from the afterlife in order to bring them back to the mortal world, and give them control over recently deceased humans, using them to fight for them and if they have enough power, they can reach further back in time and sometimes bring even legendary warriors to their command. Although, they are frowned upon by the other races, their abilities prove invaluable.

Elves: Elves, are humans who have a tie with both magic and with bows and arrows, known for being somewhat fragile, some break these paradigms and take to the front lines as warriors, most however, prefer to keep their distance and use the magic and ranged attacks. Elves have a good relationship with most other races except the Androids and Golems, finding them to be an abomination.

Trewa: The Trewa are somewhat of giants among the other races, while their brutish stature first led people to believe they were nothing but brutes, however, this was far from the truth, being among the smartest races and leading to the creation of the androids as a race in themselves. Trewa are not afraid to fight using their stature to their advantage however. They can also take more hits than most other races before flinching in pain.

Dragon-Morphs: Dragon Morphs are among the few 'ancient' races on the world remaining, having lived since the beginning of the world, they are the most tied to ancient traditions and worship gods long gone from history of other races. They are both tough and agile, however, they are very stubborn and headstrong when it comes to fighting.

Androids: The Androids are the most recent race to come to the planet, thanks to the Trewa's intellect. Androids are known to be like humans in every way, but superior, the only thing that they are not superior in is the ability to feel emotions, so it leads them to perform some questionable acts, or question acts of emotion from other races, they do possess one other weakness, and this is that they cannot tap into any magical powers.

Dwarves: Dwarves are along with the Dragon morphs, an ancient race, preferring to live within mountains away from the others so that they can work by themselves in fighting off any opposition. They make the best equipment around, and despite being small, they can take and dish out extradinary amounts of damage. Dwarven mages are limited to earth magic, to stay in tune with their pasts.

Telari: the Terlari are a race that no-one knows much about, however, they are extremely fragile in terms of combat, but they are unmatching in magical prowess, being the only race to have access to almost every kind of magic, save for those that are reserved for the Angels.

Orcs: Orcs are known to be the most tribal like of the races, and respect nothing other than strength. While not the brightest race around, they are the perfect front-line troops given their resistance to most kinds of magic and combat weapons.

Succubi: Succubi are a 'sub-race' of demons who have taken an interest in the conflict that has broken out in the 'mortal' realm, and most have taken their own stances on it and joined with the appropriate factions, hoping they are right. While not the most durable of races, Succubi possess the ability of flight, and are known to be extremely skilled in combat, but also in negotiation.

Balkra: The Balkra are the most 'mysterious' of the races, having appeared from no-where to warn Paz about the oncoming conflict and knew what would happen. They have sent a few to help fight this. The Balkra have highly advanced weapons compared to the rest of the races, but they lack the durable to take to the fields often, and for this, they put the technology they have into order. Using various 'shields' and the like. (Note, Balkra are purely story focused and are not available to be created.)

Semi-Humans: The Semi-humans are few in number, because they are half Demon and Half Human, while this gives them various demon related abilities, they are limited by the human body they have. Their abilities strain their body and will often lead them to an early grave, but they have an almost unstoppable power with-in them, should they be able to realize this.

Angels: Angels are known to be saviors, however, they have taken a back-foot in the current conflict, believing that the world is fine and deserves to fight its own war. Some have gone against this and wish to help bring peace back to the land, they wield strong 'intervention' magic, able to stop their allies from falling in battle.

Golems: The Golems are a race created by the Dwarves to help them fight various threats, while few remain, they are extremely tough, loyal and choose not to use weapons or magic, preferring to prove loyalty and die in battle.


Fighter Classes:
Warrior: Uses Swords, Shields and Spears.
A warrior is a well-rounded fighter, who has few flaws, but also few strengths. They are good at fighting in close Quarters, and if they choose to use spears, they are somewhat useful against Horse mounted enemies. However, despite being well rounded, they do fail to long range based fighting.

Paladin: Uses Hammers, Swords and shields.
The Paladin is a warrior who has chosen to walk in the path of the light, while they still lack long range battle effectiveness, they have access to stronger armour and are among the few who can cast magic while in the middle of combat if they are focused enough.

Vanguard: Wields Tower shields, Spears and swords.
The Vanguard is a warrior who excels in soaking up damage using their shields and dishing it back out to those foolish enough to be close enough to them. They are often at the front, protecting the others who cannot protect themselves. Like most warriors, they lack a ranged fighting option, but make up for it with their shields.

Knight: Wields Swords, Shields and can use Crossbows.
Knights are warriors who have chosen to go into the mounted variation of fighting. While they are extremely fast and able to fight from horseback, they are best suited at charging enemy lines where they least expect it. However, should a Knight be dismounted, they are more than capable of fighting on foot.

Mystic Knights: Wield Swords, Shields and Hammers.
Much like Paladins, Mystic Knights come from a similar path, however, instead of a holy affinity, they have instead chosen an Elemental Affinity to use in combat.

Succubi Knights: Wields Shields, swords and whips.
The Succubi Knights are a form of royal guard in the demon realm, and are treated as such while they remain there. They are known for wearing light armor, but also being extremely fast and dead in combat. While they can dish out the hurt, they cannot take it.

Ranged Classes:

Archer: Wields Bows and Short swords.
Archers are lightly armored fighters and use their bows to rain death down on their enemies from a distance. However, while they are very effective from a distance, when it comes to close combat, they have very basic fighting abilities.

Mage: Wields Staves, Wands and staffs.
Mages are the most basic of magic users, and can tap into multiple forms of magic, but only at the most basic level, however, should they put in enough practice, they can advance down the path they choose, Becoming experienced enough to use advanced magic, but only in one area. Elemental, Spirit or Dark Magic.

Wizard: Variation of the Mage, Wields staves and staffs.
Wizards are very much like mages, however, their spells are known to be more destructive, but also less focused then that of a trained Mage. A Wizards magic is extremely powerful, but also unpredictable to all but the wizard casting it. Despite this, they can only advance down the Elemental line of Magic. To make up for this, they are known for wearing slightly sturdier 'armour' then the Mages.

Priest/Priestess: Wields Staffs, Staves and shields.
They are healers, and usually prefer not to go into combat themselves, preferring to help those they've pledged to helping from a distance. However, despite this, they have been trained in a small amount of offensive magic, while it won't hurt the enemies, it is enough to push them away with a 'wind wall' or something similar. Their healing is extremely powerful, however, they are not capable of bringing back the dead.

Necromancer: Wields tomes and staves.
The Necromancers are protective of how their magic works and therefor do not disclose it with outsiders to their 'order', however it is extremely strong and able to bring back warriors. The stronger Necromancers are able to reach back in time to bring back those much stronger.

Hybrid Classes:

Strider: Archer + Warrior. Wields Duel Swords, Bows and shields.
Striders are archers or warriors who have wanted to make more of themselves, and have chosen to become almost like wanderer, preferring not to stay in one place too long, they are skilled fighters, and adapt at multiple fighting methods, but they lack anything specialized in each method. They prefer to wear lighter armour.

Magna Carta Wizard: Wields Gauntlets.
The Magna Carta Wizard is a rare thing to see in the battlefield, because they focus their magic through the gauntlets they wear, and they 'charge' as the hit enemies, once charged up, they can unleash devastating spells that flow with their combat style. They are capable of using either Elemental Magic, or dark Magic.


yet to be sorted.

Dragon Calvary: (Limited to Dragon Morphs) Uses War-hammers, Long Spears and Great Swords (Limited to Dragon Morph's due to ability to wield all of these with one arm.)
Gunslinger: (Limited to Balkra), Wields Duel Pistols, Shotguns and Sub-Machine guns.


Blue Cross: The Blue Cross are a faction of 'support', who wanted to help Paz, but from a different angle, choosing to instead give aid in forms of medical aid, Information and training to those that require it. The Blue Cross is made up of veterans, rookies and even children not old enough to fight, but who wanted to aid Paz. Given their nature, they are the only faction incapable of being 'twisted' to the chaos. They have their own faction of fighters should they be required to fight called the 'Crux Knights'.

Imperial Knights: The Imperial knights are the official 'army' of King Daim, and carry out his will without question. They are all combat hardened and often extremely skilled with all weapons, however, ever since the Chaos, they have been less active lately, the castle is almost silent, save for calls in the early morning. The once proud knights have all but disappeared, but what has come of them, only time will tell.

Dark Knights: The Dark Knights are a strange force, only appearing during the more ferocious of battles and seem to be allied with no-one, a strange mist warns of their approach. Armies of all factions have grown to fear this strange mist, as when it comes, almost no-one survives the massacre that follows.

Coyote Organization: The Coyote Organization is an underground smuggling operation which helps all the factions but have an ulterior motive, selling information about armies to other armies and trying their best to remain neutral. Despite their small army, the quality of goods they provide are invaluable to armies fighting battles. (Even if most of the goods are stolen from the other armies and city states)

Paz's Force: When compared to the other factions, Paz’s force is considered the outcast and a mere nuisance to the others. Boasting the smallest force of all the armies and factions in the land, they are the most determined to bring their ideal to life and fight for what they believe in.

Dragon's Default: Dragons Default, an entire religion spawned the move of this faction, home to the Dragon Morphs who continue to fight for their ‘outdated’ beliefs. They aren’t aligned with the gods and happily aid anyone who wishes to expel them from the land.

Information on the Factions will be released as time goes by, there is a lot of work to be considered when coming up with the stories and motives behind such factions.

(More are planned.)

Important Story NPC's:
Paz, A young girl and wants to secure a future. She'll not fight herself, however, her ideals encourage others to fight for her, and they carry these with them every time they go into battle.

King Daim, The current 'ruler' of the land, however, since the appearance of the chaos, King Daim has not been seen, however, his orders are still carried out.

Queen Layla, Not the queen of the land, but is instead the 'ruler' of the Angels, she's highly respected, however, even with the rules binding her to the realm of Angels, even she is not sure the mortals can do this themselves.

Demon King Matrix, While Matrix isn't an active ruler, he resides in the hellfire’s and calls them his home. He harbors a secret, but no-one knows what.

Treya, Goddess of War
Basi, God of Destruction
Crya, Goddess of Chaos.
The Blade Knight

Quotes from various sources for characters:

Starting stuff for Bio's: (Currently mentioned characters.)

Succubus Quote/Kudou Asuka: "The shield is a Manifestation of Weakness..."

Crya: "We're not done yet!"

Maiden: "This time I blocked."

Paz: "If you insist, then we must fight until the end for peace!"

Mistress of the blade: "I can't remember the last time I felt scared..."

Mistress of Silence: "Time for a true display of skill."

Matrix: “Sometimes, the best thing you can do... Is take a nap and come back later."

???: "You call yourself my true friend, yet you cannot even see the tears behind my smile."
Blade Knight: “You know nothing about me, and you never will. Let’s keep it that way.”

"Lost Alone and Broken. Our Words unspoken. As Tears start flooding my eyes. My soul slowly dies. I Dream of your voice. And now know I have no other choice. To think that you really cared. Would you even dare to try? I ran away to never turn back."

Bio Template:
Race: (Balkra are limited and not playable. Story purposes only)
Ability/Relic: (Limited to one, this can come from an artifact of some sort, no godly like powers)
Faction: (Defaulted to Paz’s force, however, you can come from another one but join up with Paz’s force for some reason later)
Reason for Fighting:
Mental State: (Very important, Please include. Reasons will become clear later.)
Quotes: (Optional and just for flavour purposes)
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Outer Heaven's Divide (OOC)
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