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 From Many Worlds (Fantasy, Multi-Dimensional, Incredibly Gory)(In-progress)

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PostSubject: From Many Worlds (Fantasy, Multi-Dimensional, Incredibly Gory)(In-progress)   Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:26 pm



The first word. A word taken from a long dead race that had woven the very fibers of what now make up what we know as magic. It's meaning has been lost almost as long as the race that brought it into being. Yet it lives on.  It's curious thing how words can live for so long. They can have such a massive impact on the world. This one, for example, stood for time. As in the very creation of the idea of Time. When the aforementioned long dead race uttered this word, they brought into being the idea of time moving forward, the idea of decay, and death, and destruction. What an impact this word would have on our world.


The second word. A cursed word, meaning to twist. This word was used for Millions of years to bend slaves to the rule of their kings. It was used in duels to crumple opponents into a heap. It is cruel and painful on it's victim. It's being was formed with the first iota of malice in the reality. With anger, the beings of the dead race used this word to turn on one another. This word was their downfall. Being born from pure hate, it would work with time to bring about the destruction and decay. What an impact this word would have.


The final word, both literally and in this very context. As the last member of a once proud race stood among his fallen brethren, he uttered this word. In our language it comes out to "Remake". As he fell to his knees, the man knew that this was not truly the end. Time and decay would wash away all traces of his race. Nothing would remain, and perhaps that was for the best. Perhaps one day an even greater people would rise up and perhaps overcome the temptations and evil that his own society had faced. He smiled as the words left his lips, and slammed his staff into the ground. Light poured forth, and
HAZ had come.
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From Many Worlds (Fantasy, Multi-Dimensional, Incredibly Gory)(In-progress)
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