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 Bron vs. Anim

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PostSubject: Bron vs. Anim   Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:25 am

First, let’s get this out of the way. Yes this is vaguely related to soul eater, but only insofar as the weapon system. There is no other deliberate connection at all.

I will ask Drumdrum to delete the one in plot pages when he gets done abandoning me (working).
Remember, you need to partner up with someone for this one. Read carefully so you know what to do.


The army of Bron, the savior army of Earth, is looking to recruit experienced Jin-fighters! Come and help us defeat the Anim corps!

16+ years old
1+ years experience as a Jin-fighter
1+ years experience with chosen weapon (not necessarily with partner)
You must have a partner chosen and willing to join with you. There are no minimum time standards on the length of the partnership.

Qualifications (partner)-
Ability to transform in under two seconds and maintain weapon shape for at least one hour
Ability to transform into an effective and deadly weapon

Apply at the Bron headquarters on Bron Avenue between 0600 - 1800 on weekdays.

Rapid! Flexible! Reliable! Bron!

To all who value their freedom-

Anim corps is looking for heroes who are willing to combat the tyrannical reign of the false-savior, the Army of Bron.

If you have opened your eyes to the truth about Bron, and you are willing to stand up and take back our freedom, whatever the cost, report to Anim headquarters in Moodstown, just thirty miles northeast of Vatis City.

Positions available-
Cave lion tamer
Cave bear tamer
Hippogriff tamer
Cerebus tamer
Feral goblin tamer
Kaiju tamer

Age 15+ only
Must have tested positive for potential Jin-fighter capabilities at some point.

Anim Corps, for the freedom of all!

Neither of these armies has truly proven their intentions toward society should they win, so it is up to your character to decide which he/she believes is truly fighting for humanity, and which just wants power.

To start, only Bron is actually open to join. We simply do not have enough people on this forum to support two armies, even if everyone joined.

You MUST have a partner. As in, ask someone on the forum to be your partner before planning your characters together. I will list the partner teams below. Drummy already called dibs on everyone's favoritest person (that's me btw) and I am also teaming up with Marya. I don't care if anyone wants to have multiple characters so you can partner with more than one person.

If you really cannot get a partner, I will happily fill in and create a second or third character while you work on getting one, but it will be a temporary arrangement to get you started. Make an honest effort to find a permanent partner.

Jin-fighter- Many people in the world have "Jin blood", meaning the potential to use magic. The difference, and what makes a Jin-fighter rare, is that they have a certain blood type that can be used in combat. They do not actually use their blood, but the blood in their veins supplies their magic. Normal people with Jon blood can only use it for simple spells that make their lives a little easier, Jin-fighter blood has combat related uses.

Jin-fighter partner- These are basically just Jin-fighters, except that the only real difference between them and a regular Jin is that they can partially, or entirely, turn into a weapon of some kind.

No limits on what the weapon can be, as long as it is not too OP.



[b]Occupation[/b]: (Jin-fighter or partner?)

[b]Abilities[/b]: (For Jin-fighters, what can you do in combat? For partners, what is your weapon type and describe it in detail)



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PostSubject: Re: Bron vs. Anim   Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:18 pm

Is history really required?
Quote :

Name: Caleb Blackbourne

Age/gender: 19/ male

Occupation: Jin-fighter

Abilities:  Caleb's primary strengths in combat lie in his physical skills and wit. He is accomplished in both swordplay and unarmed combat. His size and preference for light to no armor gives him better mobility than most melee combatants.  He weaves in and out in battle making swift precise strikes, creating openings with feints and shield strikes to keep his opponents off balance.

When paired with a partner he uses magic to supplement his sword fighting. When his weapons are struck they store some of the energy from the blow. This energy can then be released  at will. The force released by this  can be used as a ranged attack,  amplify physical strikes, or to allow for otherwise possible movements.  When focusing he can use Sunn (the shield) to completely absorb the force of a blow making him essentially unmovable and cancelling any attacks that strike her. Funn (the sword) can focus the energy of attacks to a much greater degree than Sunn, allowing him to control the spread of the attack. He can use her to send out wide shockwaves or focused blasts with bullet like force.  

Appearance: Caleb is a little short for a storm trooper… Oh, wrong RP. Regardless he is rather shrimpy for a fighter standing just a few inches taller than his female partners with a slim lightly muscled frame.  He exudes youthfulness . Besides his small size he has a boyish face that is round with prominent cheeks and lingering smile. His skin is smooth with a slight tan, but not enough so to hide his natural rosy complexion.  He has large russet brown eyes that sit under thick high arched brows. He has thick medium brown hair that he periodically cuts with a knife to keep out of his eyes. He often neglects to comb it, and instead styles it by running his fingers through it when wet until it is acceptably straight and pressed down. He forgoes metal armor. Instead he wears quilted armor consisting of a gambeson, tunic, and short quilted legs. He prefers natural earth colors but may where brighter ones to match the banner he is fighting under.

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PostSubject: Re: Bron vs. Anim   Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:02 am

Funn and Sunn
Age: 16 and 16


While Sunn and Funn are twins, they are not identical. Sunn, the older of the two by three minutes, is a few inches taller than Funn. She is also more petite and has always been physically weaker than her shorter, but stockier sister. Neither of them are particularly large in any respect.

Funn is 4'11' tall, and Sunn is 5'3".
Both are small, but with hard muscles. Funn has a few more curves on her body than Sunn, but both are very attractive in terms of their figures. They are both blessed with clear skin, bright eyes, and thick red hair. Funn keeps her hair very long, down to her bottom; Sunn keeps hers a little shorter and layered. Both of them have bangs. While they are not exactly super-models, they are certainly beautiful to turn heads where ever they go. Although, they are only sixteen and small for their age. They are often mistaken for younger children.

Occupation: Partners, (ex)thieves, (ex)scam artists, all around trouble makers

Abilities: Funn becomes a sword made of several combined metals, including iron and mithril, but mainly a very rare meteoric metal which is unnamed. It is unnamed mainly because it is found in only two places which are Funn, and one very small meteorite that was discovered in an unknown location, but is now displayed in the Vatis City science museum. She is veritably unbreakable. Technically, she could be broken. There is nothing magical or supernatural keeping her from being broken, but there simply is not metal strong or sharp enough to cut through her, and there is no force great enough in man or machine to break her. Her blade is so sharp that the actual edge cannot be seen with the naked eye. If she is viewed under a microscope, it becomes apparent that what seems to be the edge is actually a edge so fine that it is transparent. What this edge is made of is unknown, but it never becomes dull and never needs sharpening. On the other hand, her blade and handle do need regular cleaning and oiling, as they will become dull and possibly even rust without proper care.

Sunn is a clack buckler shield of a very simple design in regards to appearance. While her appearance is simple, her structure is anything but simple. She has exactly one hundred micro-thin layers of a tungsten/mithril alloy that is all but impossible to replicate. In the very between the two middle layers is a layer of a polyurethane-based liquid that is known for its incredible ability to absorb shock almost completely. The downside is that it only absorbs the initial shock from a hit, anything after the first fraction of a second of the impact will be felt by the wielder. What this usually feels like is, the user does not feel the jarring part of the impact, but he may feel the push-back of the impact.

Funn can be used as a catalyst for Jin powers, like most partners can in weapon form. Sunn is in a league all her own when it comes to channeling power. Not only does she allow for an entirely uninhibited flow with no loss, she can actually amplify the power slightly on the way out. This take a lot out of her and will significantly shorten the amount of time that she can hold her weapon form. Funn, on the other hand, is capable holding her form almost indefinitely.  

Funn and Sunn are highly intelligent, highly athletic, and both are capable pickpockets/lock-picks. Both are skilled street fighter, though their small size makes them unlikely to put up much of a fight against a larger opponent, especially a man. They can hold their own in a relatively fair fight and are not above teaming up on one person. They also have a philosophy that, if someone forces them to defend themselves and they do win, they will make sure to set an example for the next person that thinks to threaten them.

Sunn is a beautiful dancer, and Funn can sing like an angel.  

History: Sunn and Funn were abandoned by their single mother when they were six years old. She simply took them out to a part of the city that they had never been in, took them out of the car, told them to stand right there on the sidewalk, and drove away without even looking back. While Funn does not remember it well, Sunn does. She remembers her mothers face and eyes, and she remembers the utter lack of emotion or remorse about what she was doing. She remembers the strange man sitting in the passenger seat of her mother's vehicle, and she remembers that he said something to her mother just as they drove away and her mother started laughing out loud. She was having fun, before she had even finished abandoning them. Sunn had always been grateful that Funn did not remember that moment. Any time Funn asked about it, Sunn claimed that their mother had been dragged away kicking and screaming by that terrible man. She said that their mother had shouted back to them that she would always love them and they should go on with their lives. As far as she knew, Funn believed every word. That was confirmed by her constant vows to find that man one day and kill him. Sunn was no killer, but she did not feel much pity for that particular man if Funn ever did find him.

After being left on the street, Sunn and Funn found that they were naturals when it came to thievery and con jobs. The first three days were the hardest of their lives, and Funn came within hours of dying from dehydration. Fortunately, a kind older girl who had been abandoned in a similar way two years before took them under her wing and showed them a few tricks to surviving. They caught on quick and before long they were known as some of the best and brightest survivors on the streets. By the age of ten, the girl that had helped them had been killed by a drunk with a baseball bat. Sunn and Funn were so skilled at cons and thievery that survival was hardly even an issue any more. They had amassed a very small fortune (a fortune to a ten years old) and hidden it away.

By the time they were fourteen, they were conning for the simple pleasure of it, and they did not bother to steal at all most of the time, as it was more risky than running cons. One of their favorite cons was to participate in street fights with a Jin-fighter, then take all of the winning for themselves. They usually did this by getting "robbed" by a friend right after the fight. The "robber" always sneaked up behind them and threatened Sunn, whom most people had a natural urge to protect. He would keep a small cut for himself (smaller than what the Jin-fighter would have kept obviously) and Funn and Sunn would get the rest. No one ever thought about taking off with the money. Not because the girls were any physical threat, without a Jin-fighter they were only moderately dangerous in combat, but they could destroy a person with their cons as easily as most could with a weapon.

This con, involving the street fighting, is what they were looking to do they day they came across Caleb...
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PostSubject: Re: Bron vs. Anim   

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Bron vs. Anim
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