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 Bron vs. Anim

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PostSubject: Bron vs. Anim   Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:23 am

First, let’s get this out of the way. Yes this is vaguely related to soul eater, but only insofar as the weapon system. There is no other deliberate connection at all.


The army of Bron, the savior army of Earth, is looking to recruit experienced Jin-fighters! Come and help us defeat the Anim corps!

16+ years old
1+ years experience as a Jin-fighter
1+ years experience with chosen weapon (not necessarily with partner)
You must have a partner chosen and willing to join with you. There are no minimum time standards on the length of the partnership.

Qualifications (partner)-
Ability to transform in under two seconds and maintain weapon shape for at least one hour
Ability to transform into an effective and deadly weapon

Apply at the Bron headquarters on Bron Avenue between 0600 - 1800 on weekdays.

Rapid! Flexible! Reliable! Bron!

To all who value their freedom-

Anim corps is looking for heroes who are willing to combat the tyrannical reign of the false-savior, the Army of Bron.

If you have opened your eyes to the truth about Bron, and you are willing to stand up and take back our freedom, whatever the cost, report to Anim headquarters in Moodstown, just thirty miles northeast of Vatis City.

Positions available-
Cave lion tamer
Cave bear tamer
Hippogriff tamer
Cerebus tamer
Feral goblin tamer
Kaiju tamer

Age 15+ only
Must have tested positive for potential Jin-fighter capabilities at some point.

Anim Corps, for the freedom of all!

Neither of these armies has truly proven their intentions toward society should they win, so it is up to your character to decide which he/she believes is truly fighting for humanity, and which just wants power.

To start, only Bron is actually open to join. We simply do not have enough people on this forum to support to armies, even if everyone joined.

You MUST have a partner. As in, ask someone on the forum to be your partner before planning your characters together. I will list the partner teams below. Drummy already called dibs on everyone's favoritest person (that's me btw).

If you really cannot get a partner, I will happily fill in and create a second or third character while you work on getting one, but it will be a temporary arrangement to get you started. Make an honest effort to find a permanent partner.

Jin-fighter- Many people in the world have "Jin blood", meaning the potential to use magic. The difference, and what makes a Jin-fighter rare, is that they have a certain blood type that can be used in combat. They do not actually use their blood, but the blood in their veins supplies their magic. Normal people with Jon blood can only use it for simple spells that make their lives a little easier, Jin-fighter blood has combat related uses.

Jin-fighter partner- These are basically just Jin-fighters, except that the only real difference between them and a regular Jin is that they can partially, or entirely, turn into a weapon of some kind.

No limits on what the weapon can be, as long as it is not too OP.



[b]Occupation[/b]: (Jin-fighter or partner?)

[b]Abilities[/b]: (For Jin-fighters, what can you do in combat? For partners, what is your weapon type and describe it in detail)



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PostSubject: Re: Bron vs. Anim   Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:30 pm

Okay, I'm interested. :3
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PostSubject: Re: Bron vs. Anim   Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:56 pm

Really!? Woo! And why are you not coming to talk to me, my lovely Pakistani Princess?
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PostSubject: Re: Bron vs. Anim   

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Bron vs. Anim
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