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 Noel's MOBA idea

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Noel's MOBA idea Empty
PostSubject: Noel's MOBA idea   Noel's MOBA idea EmptyTue Dec 01, 2015 12:21 am

Since I started this, I have included a few other people to help me, however, I'm showing the work of two people. (You know one of them as Ivy on here, Well, Ivy/Rei)

This MOBA is based on Resident Evil, and the information below is just general concepts for stuff. While I plan to expand on this with others, I just want to post this here in case anyone would like to add some comments about it. (An important note is I never intend to actually make this a reality, it is merely an indepth concept that I wish to work on for fun.)

I am aware not many people here like/play MOBA's or Biohazrd/Resident Evil, but we just wanted a second opinion.

there are no ratio's, or scalings atm, but they are being worked on. The Characters have been made to resemble their ingame counter parts in a MOBA style:
(CD - Cooldown)
Resident Evil MOBA information
Game modes would also follow that it is Humans vs B.O.W’s, with occasional game-modes that mix and match. Human Towers are simple Wooden Outpost with a single human survivor on top with a rifle. B.O.W towers would be a high placed Ooze Tricorne. (Baron would be an Oroburos, Dragon is Yawn.)
Oroburos buff – Varies for team.
Human buff – Outbreak containment: Minions gain increased Attack and have a small chance to instant- kill non-siege minions.
B.O.W buff – Unknown name: Minions gain increased defence and have a chance to infect enemy minions, turning them to friendly minions when they die.
Raccoon City – Standard 5v5 game mode. Streets are the lanes, destroyed/abandoned buildings act as the jungle. Jungle monsters are Zombie dogs, Hunters etc. In place of a river would be a long connecting road. (Boss monsters are in progress.)
Arctic Circle base – Another 5v5 game-mode that revolves around holding certain key area’s to win. No towers. First team to 500 points win.
Queen Zenobia – 3v3 Game-mode, doesn’t differ from Raccoon City more than general appearance and only two lanes with a small jungle in the middle. Jungle monsters would be various Oozes.
The Beach – The Beach from Revelations, 2v2 game-mode, a brawl to the death mostly. First team to score 10 kills or get 150 minion kills from the various spawning neutral monsters.
(Thinking up more game-modes/maps in the future maybe)

Current Characters:

Carry - Provides Constant DPS, but is squishy
Fighter - A tankier role who also provides decent Crowd Control and Damage.
Control - A role that controls the Tempo and pace of the game, reletively squishy with moderate Damage
Assassin - high Damage, High Risk.
Support - Focus on keeping the Carry in the game, also able to provide small DPS and extrmelly squishy.

Jill Valentine – Role: Carry.
Basic Attack: Ranged
Passive: As she kills minions, Jill generates a second currency that allows her to upgrade her Samurai Edge Pistol 3 times, after upgrading 3 times, Jill may then opt to switch her weapons for different effects (Only one swap per game). Sniper rifle – Increased Attack Range and Damage, massively reduced Attack Speed. SMG – Attack Range and damage drop but trades for increased AS and crit chance (Crit damage is reduced). Shotgun - Slightly decreased range, reduced AS but increased damage.
Potshot – Jill lines up a ‘perfect’ shot and fires, dealing heavy damage to first enemy hit and slowing them. CD: 10 seconds. (Skill shot)
Grenade drop – Jill drops a grenade at a target location around her, dealing light damage and knocking back enemies. (Does not interrupt dashes or channels.) CD: 10 seconds
Vault – Jill vaults away from danger. (May pass over walls), for a brief time after vault, Jill cannot attack. CD: 15 seconds
Fire Ammo – Jill loads her weapon with Incendiary ammo and grants her increased damage and AS, and burns enemies over time.


Rebecca Chambers- Role: Support
Basic Attack: RAnged
Passive: Every (40) seconds Rebecca will receive an herb, and her abilities will gain extra effects based on the kind of herb she has. Green herb will increase the power of her first aid spray, Red herb will increase the stun duration by .5 seconds and a blue herb will remove a Debuff from an ally if used with First Aid spray.
First Aid Spray – Rebecca may target herself, or an ally and heals both. If Rebecca only targets herself, the CD is increased but the amount of healing is also increased.  CD- 15 seconds, if used on self only, 20 seconds.
Flashbang – Rebecca throws a Flashbang grenade and stuns enemies nearby for (0.5 scaling to 2 seconds) CD 12 seconds
Burn Spray – Rebecca readies a First Aid Spray and a Lighter, using both to make a makeshift flame thrower and deals damage every .5 seconds for 1 second. She may move while using this. If enemies are hit by the fire, they are burned for damage over a few seconds. CD 13 seconds.
Emergency Aid – Passive: Each rank into her Ult, gives Rebecca one extra herb slot to use. (Maximum of 5). Active: Rebecca uses her knowledge of Medical studies and gives her team passive health regen and increased Movement speed.

HUNK (Mr. Death) – Role: Fighter
Basic Attack: Melee
Passive: Mission First – For Each unique kill and Neutral objective hunk is involved in, he gains 1% extra Damage.
Riot Kick – HUNK lashes out with a kick, using the knife in his boot for extra damage. Roots enemies briefly and bleeds them. CD: 6 Seconds
Triple Shot – HUNK takes aim and quickly fires 3 shots, doing light damage to targets in front of him and briefly slowing them.  CD: 8 seconds
Combat Roll – HUNK dives in target direction and takes reduced damage for .75 seconds. CD: 13
The End – HUNK rushes to a target enemy and drives his blade into them, dealing heavy damage and if they are below 10% health, this will execute them. CD: 140


Vector – Role: Jungler Assassin
Basic Attack: Melee
Passive: Mr. Death’s teachings – Gains 15% increased AS. Every third attack, Vector will take aim and fire his pistol, dealing slightly increased damage.
Silent sprint – Vector gains increased movement speed and will be able to pass one ward undetected. However, if he passes a second ward, he will be revealed briefly. CD: 20 seconds.
Decoy – Vector sends out a Holographic Decoy that taunts nearby enemy minions and monsters. Vector may swap with this decoy once, but he will taunt all nearby minions and monsters instead. CD: 15 seconds.
Martial mastery: Vector focuses and restores a set amount of health every attack for 7 seconds, He may use this ability a second time to lose this bonus, but instead gain increased AS for a few seconds. CD: 10 seconds.
Imposter among us: Vector stealths and dashes to an enemy, if he hits an enemy ‘hero’, he will snare them for a few seconds and inflict heavy damage, taking re-entering stealth after for a few seconds. If he hits an enemy minion, or neutral monster, below a certain threshold, he will execute it and receive 10% reduced CD on this ability. If this ability kills an enemy hero, Vector will reduce all his cooldowns by 10 seconds. CD: 120
Four-Eyes: Role – Control
Basic Attack: Ranged.
Passive: Every few minutes, Four-eyes will fire a special shot from her injector into an enemy minion or neutral monster, temporarily turning the target into a friendly. It will prioritise enemies marked by the Pheromone Debuff or the targets of Four Eyes basic attacks.
Pheromone Grenade: Four Eyes tosses a grenade which releases a pheromone that attracts enemy minions to it, friendly minions affected by her passive will target enemy heroes affected by the Pheromone. Heroes are given the Pheromone Debuff for 30 seconds. 40 Seconds
Infection Cleanse: Four eyes uses a special First Aid spray that removes any Crowd Control or Debuffs affecting her, gaining a decaying movement speed bonus over 1.5 seconds. 20 Seconds
V-ACT: Four Eyes injects a minion affected by her passive and triggers the V-ACT process, granting increased Attack damage, Attack Speed, Resistances and Movement speed to her target. 20 Seconds
Science has no limit: Four Eyes complete resets her basic ability cooldowns. CD: 100 Seconds.
Leon: Role – Carry
Basic Attack: Ranged
Passive: Leon reduces all CC on him by 15%
Piercing shot: Leon fires a shot that pierces all enemies, dealing reduced damage for each enemy hit after the first. CD: 8 Seconds.
Headshot/RapidFire: While using his Single pistol, Leon will line up a headshot on a target enemy, dealing moderate damage to them. While using Dual Pistols, Leon will fire rapidly with both pistols, dealing light damage and slowing enemies. (He may move while doing this.) CD: 8 Seconds.
Roll: Leon performs a combat roll, increasing his AS by 10% for 5 seconds. CD: 12 seconds.
Weapon Style: Leon changes between a single Pistol and Dual pistols. Each having a unique effect: While using a single pistol, Leon has a lower attack speed, but increased crit chance and damage, while using dual pistols, Leon gains increased Attack Speed, but decreased Crit chance and damage.
Claire Redfield – Role: Support
Basic Attack: Ranged
Passive: While an ally is nearby, Claire prepares to fight with them until the end, gaining increased damage and Resistances while near an ally.
Breathing Room: Claire fires her shotgun and knocks back enemies, slowing them. If an Ally is nearby, Claire will deal Bonus damage. CD: 10 seconds
Take it down: Claire marks an enemy B.O.W, if she can land 4 basic attacks, the enemy will be stunned. If an ally is nearby, they may add to the stacks as well. After being stunned, the mark is consumed and damage is dealt. CD: 15 Seconds
It’s on you: Claire can shield herself for a set amount, while shielded, her Movement speed is increased. If an Ally is nearby, Claire can instead give the shield to the ally. CD: 15 seconds
I’m here: If an ally is below 15% health, Claire can target them and drag them to her current position, the ally is immune to damage during the drag, but cannot attack or move. CD: 110 seconds
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Noel's MOBA idea Empty
PostSubject: Re: Noel's MOBA idea   Noel's MOBA idea EmptySun Jan 17, 2016 3:38 am

Nice idea. (Sorry it took me forever to log in just to say that... But Going Semi-pro on Halo. Aww yeah.)

Request! Do Chris and make him have a boulder punch reference.

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Noel's MOBA idea
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