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 Back at last

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PostSubject: Back at last   Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:35 pm

Hi, sorry all for disappearing. bad time management. I had a big project and meant to try and focus on it and without a internet accessing device at university I kinda... yeah my brain is rambling.

At any rate I'm back. I'm working on putting up a Legacy of Conquest again, but I am refining the world a bit. I am adding a bit more detail to some of the information and adding some new detail ( religion for example). Elvish culture has been refined a bit more as well. There are a few more things I need to rewrite before I re-post the RP but that should be handled soon.

Again I apologize for disappearing again. I will try t better organised myself so that I will be on at least once or twice a week outside exam time. Just one last thing to add, violet protests by a group called FeesMustFall (who speak for 100-300 students of out of around 2000) have caused (forced) my university to cancel exams for this year with those who wish to still write, doing so in January 2016. I am one of those rewriting so I will need to try and study around at least two or three hours a day.

P.S. I wasn't sure where to post this. Anyway Hi :) Cool tongue
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PostSubject: Re: Back at last   Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:44 am

I wouldn't know where to post this either, but I've not been extremely active lately. (Relationships. Gotta love them.) But I guess welcome back.
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Back at last
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