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 Abominations (RipxUmbra)

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PostSubject: Abominations (RipxUmbra)   Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:20 am

Funn sat on a bench in Central Park late in the evening and picked at an apple. She was not really eating it. Just picking away at the skin and tossing it to a nearby pigeon. Her mind was preoccupied by thoughts of the past. She had a great deal of regrets and had always had this nagging desire to go back and change it all. She had all this power, why couldn't she have been a time traveler instead? What good was all this strength with no one to fight for or protect? She had no cause...

I suppose I should make another attempt to move on...

She stood and tossed the rest of the apple.She turned to walk away but just then two large men walked up and one of them pulled a gun. He demanded her money. She had been mugged before and she never made a fuss about it. It was no use exposing herself just to save the three bucks in her pocket. She handed it over. Unfortunately, that did not seem to satisfy them. The man without a gun stepped up and took her by the arm. She was sure he was trying to squeeze her arm hard enough to hurt, but she barely felt it. He kept trying to pull her toward some bushes but she just rolled her eyes and stood her ground. Then there came a real problem. The man with the gun put it to her head and demanded that she follow them or he would shoot her. She could tell he meant it. The gun was a cheap 9mm and likely would only give her a nasty bruise, but she would be completely busted as a mutant if he shot her. For the first time, she started to look worried.
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Abominations (RipxUmbra)
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