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 Umi and Marya's 1x1 OOC (Name TBD)

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PostSubject: Umi and Marya's 1x1 OOC (Name TBD)   Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:47 pm

Cille City.

A city known for its crime, its nasty syndicates, and especially its mysterious pair of thieves. Yet people can’t escape the beauty of the tall buildings and shopping centers, businesses with the highest and most expensive security systems, and especially the allure of the night life. Somehow, this eastern coast city is famous for all these things, but the people born and raised there to not think such. The notorious and skilled thieves, renowned for never being caught or even seen, still plague the city. A bounty over their heads, some crime organizations even being hired by the police to track them down.

Ready to hear their story?

Bio made by ourselves I am lazy
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PostSubject: Re: Umi and Marya's 1x1 OOC (Name TBD)   Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:07 pm

Legend Marx

Age/gender: 18/f

Appearance: Legend is a cute little blonde with pale skin and bright blue eyes. Her hair is long enough to reach her mid back, but she usually keeps it tied back in a loose ponytail. She has clear, soft skin. Her eyes are bright and slightly too large for her face. That, combined with her long, thick eyelashes make her capable of giving the world's best puppy eyes. She likes to dye her hair often. Most recently she dyed the tips bright pink. Other than dying her hair, she rarely does anything with it. In fact she will completely neglect it if Caelia did not fight with her every morning and brush it for her. She is about 5 feet tall and a little too skinny. She has small, dainty hands which are great for picking pockets.

Abilities/powers: Skilled pickpocket. Con artist. Convincing actress. Parkour.

Legend has an ability that she cannot control. Her body constantly radiates a psychic energy that turns people's attention away from her. She cannot turn this ability off completely but she can turn it up and down. She can make it so mild that people will just overlook her if she is quiet, or intense enough to be almost invisible. Even with her ability turned all the way up, she can be seen. She does not actually become invisible at all, she just makes it very difficult for anyone to focus on her. Even if they know she is there they will keep losing track of her for a short time. After a few minutes of being aware of her, they will begin to build an immunity to the energy and it will become easier to see her. People that spend a great deal of time around her, like Caelia, will become completely immune.

History: Legend was abandoned at a very young age. She was left at a gas station and nearly died of exposure before someone finally noticed her. She became a ward of the state when her parents could not be found. During her time in foster care, she was forgotten in random locations seven times. Once, when she was six, she went missing for two days and no one ever noticed. By then, having no understanding of her power, she had become very desperate for attention. She began acting out and trying to get any kind of attention that she could. She would steal and trick people almost constantly. When she was seven, she met Caelia. Caelia was older and gave Legend more attention than anyone ever had. Legend became instantly attached to Caelia, to the point that she would nearly have a panic attack when they were separated. As she got older, she accepted that she could not be by Caelia's side all the time, but she still experiences a certain amount of anxiety when they are apart.

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Umi and Marya's 1x1 OOC (Name TBD)
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