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 Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.

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PostSubject: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:53 pm

(We`re back baby)

Excelsior Academy
Home for those gifted in mind body and spirit!
So Super Powers exist now but it's kinda on the down low. Ya see the government decided to engineer an anti-terrorist superhuman task force. This failed grandly, but the ability and genes for powers got out. Somehow into the genepool, and now well you have the Gifted. These are people blessed and cursed with abilities beyond their greatest imagination. The Power Genes are herritory. Many people do have these genes but there dormant partly due to drugs being weaseled into our everyday lives with side effects like halting the powers from coming to fruition. Of course as to any drugs immunities build up. There's been gifted appearing in the past but now, now they're coming out in spades.

Thank god theres Excelsior!

The powers come out in different times and for different reasons but if they aren't out by high school they will be. One word: puberty. With everything swirling in your body, those powers are gonna bloom. Course you can have early bloomers who aren't early bloomers in other fields.

So what is Excelsior? A school. A lavish almost ivy league school that. while accepting 'normal's', also seeks out and admits, free of charge, 'Gifted'. As for why they do this... that's unknown. They work with the government at points but they're not part of it. They know more about the gifts then they will ever let on and they also monitor every student and will accommodate according to their gifts. Having powers may sound awesome... But imagine being a teenager! That's enough of an identity crisis without powers, isn`t it? Plus most powers have some kind of side effect or unexpected effect.

!. I'm god (host) my word is law.
2. Obey all tff laws
3. Don't godmod please. I`ll have you killed, or turned brain dead or hung on a flagpole.
4. If you leave the rp, all your chars are my play things unless given to someone else.
5. If you go inactive and we need to move along the story, I am putting your chars in my toybox. You can have them back when you return………………….its not my fault if they break though.
6. Only I can do time skips and jumps unless you either A. Were told to or B. Given permission.
7. Time is not linear it`ll be jumping here and there and over there. For real time will jump over certain spots to keep moving but it won`t be to hard to follow we promise.
9. Have fun or else!

School Extra curricular, programs:
Just a overview we can add them as we need them.
Drama club: The perfect place for both performers, and stage hands.
Chorus: The school chorus that puts on concerts for parents during the holidays.
Robotics: Where you learn how to build robots and compete in competitions. Lead by the lead It guy. Edward Snow.
Journelism: Where the magic of the Excelsior Hero the school paper is made.
The Heros: The football, basketball, baseball, and swim team.
Horseback riding:
Art: The art rooms allways open
Year book:
Run Club: Non competitive running
LGBT club
Service club: Club that focuses on community serive and giving back to those around you. You can be forced to join this club, by the administration.

Yogi is the town near the boarding school. It`s a nice little drive and a long little walk. It`s the main non-campus scene for the kids here. It`s a good sized town with a lively main street. Diners, a theater, and stores. The hot spot for the teens is the Wired Rooster next to the Arcadia theater, it`s a coffee and smoothie shop with a arcade and lounge down stairs.

The local public school sports team the Yogi Bears, are known for there rivarle with the Excelsior Heroes. They contently accuse the Heroes of cheating however.

For Reference: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Superpower_Wiki

D.Future sight


Appearance: (Try to give some detail. A minimum of one paragraph if you also provide a decent picture)

Main Power: (This is your biggest power, your favourite. Your forte! There are some that won't be alowed however. I'm sure one of those in command will answer if you ask.)
Secondary Power(s) (Optional. This is if you have other powers that aren't relly used as much as your main. Same limitations as main powers on what these are)

Strengths: (What are your strong points? List them here!)
Weaknesses: (With all that strength you have to have a downside. Perhaps the pyrokinetic cannot stand cold weather, or the electrokinetic can't get wet. there's always something that can be put here... even emotional weaknesses (Like the unshakable urge to save cute things). it's never a bad idea to have something you're weak to)

Likes: (What interests you? Come on, there's gotta be something!)
Dislikes:[b] (And what do you relly have no care for? is it a person? Is it a class? reveal them here!)

[b]Extracurricular activities: (So... what things do you d outside normal school hours? You're not limited to the ones listed above, but if you have new ideas let the hosts know!)

Personality: (What are you like? I know what we hosts like. DETAILS! Or... you could maybe reveal it IC and see where they go from there... but that's... effort.)

History: (A summation of the important stuff in your past! I guess you could do this like the Personality... but that's even more effort... And revealing it gives us more tailored things to happen to you!)

Student Listings: Will edit this once we see who will be returning and such.
Drummy:Alphonse Brendan Moore-Beast boy-Senior-Rooming with
Akia:Alma “Ally” Inez Rivera-Energizer bunny-junior-rooming with Mary Jane
Riprose:Jacques Mancherre-The magic painter-Junior-rooming with
Vulkan:Adam Larcia-confusing guy-junior-rooming with
Coake:Aleksandr Kerensky-Mister perfect-Junior-rooming with
Nicholas:Thok May-it`s a monk-karate instructor-faculty housing.
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Lord Coake


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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:56 pm

If it's fine with you, I'd like to return with both Remus and Aleksandr:
Lord Coake wrote:
Name: Remus Reynolds
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Remus has moderately long, light brown hair, and hazel eyes. She has a smooth face, with no blemishes or scars. Her skin is pale from lack of sun exposure, due to her spending most of her time in human form indoors. Remus commonly wears dark clothing that shows some skin, but not too much, and always has some form of collar-like accessory around her neck. Across her back is a tattoo of a wolf head in a howling position, which most never get the chance to see. 

Main Power: Canine Morph: Remus has the ability to morph into any form of canine creature she's witnessed in real life, from German Shepherds, to Border Collies, to pure bred wolves. While in the form of the animal, she cannot communicate with humans, though she retains all of her intelligence from her human form.
Secondary Power(s): Animal Communication(Canine): She can mentally communicate with Canine animals, and understand them. 

Strengths: She is highly intelligent, and loves history. She's often a font of knowledge, knowing nearly anything on the topic at hand, if she's studied it.
Weaknesses: She's not strong physically when in human form, and is not too fond of people, spending more of her time with animals, thus keeping her from having a lot of friends. She also tends to come across as a know-it-all, which makes people naturally dislike her slightly.

Likes: Canines, history, a good fiction novel.
Dislikes: People in general, but athletes(long story) and Anti-LGBT people more so than others. 

Extracurricular activities: Head of the school's LGBT club.

Personality: IC reveal 

History: IC reveal

Lord Coake wrote:
Name: Aleksandr Kerensky
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Aleksandr has dark, scraggly hair, easily depicted as messy, but unable to appear any other way, no matter how hard he tries to fix it. He has deep brown eyes, comparable in color to wet sand. His face is very smooth, with almost no blemishes, scars, or freckles. He is of an average build for someone his age, but is a bit underweight, appearing thin when compared to most other males in the school. He walks with a faint limp, barely noticeable, but hard to forget once you've noticed it. Aleksandr generally dresses casually, but is most notable for wearing an old Russian military BDU jacket over his clothing, no matter the weather. The name patch on the jacket says "Kerensky", implying it may have belonged to a relative of his.

Main Power: His main ability is his enhanced physical and mental condition, making him much more physically and mentally improved when compared to a normal human, without much effort on his part. If he actually puts in effort to his physical or mental abilities, he quickly reaches an unheard-of skill level. Thus he avoids competitive physical or mental situations.
Secondary Power(s) His secondary power is a high regenerative healing factor. This prevents most non-fatal injuries from harming him, and most fatal ones being harmful for only a week at the most. There are certain injuries to certain body parts that will cause normal damage, and heal at a normal rate.

Strengths: People find it nearly impossible to match his physical or mental capabilities, making him one of the best people to have on your team for most competitions. He's also a pretty good rifle shot, from back when his father taught him when he was a boy in Russia.
Weaknesses: Because of his natural skill, he finds it very hard to make proper friends, as many people see him as arrogant or pompous, even though he actively avoids using his skills in competitions. He can also lose his regenerative ability if any damage is done to his brain directly, as it is the only part of his body not able to be healed by the healing factor.

Likes: Acting, writing stories, talking with people(despite not many people wanting to be around him)
Dislikes: People who dislike him for his abilities, having to participate in a competition.

Extracurricular activities: Drama Club, Writer's Club(They meet once a week to compare parts of stories)

Personality: Very kind and friendly to those that will speak with him. He tries to make friend wherever he goes. He notably speaks with a russian accent, despite being fluent in English. This makes people even more apprehensive, as he sounds very gruff and angry.

History: Aleksandr was born in Russia to a former mercenary that was part of the anti-terrorist program before it ended, and a moderately wealthy woman. His father, after returning to Russia when the program ended, became a key figure in an Anti-Government, Pro-Democratic revolutionary group in Russia. He raised Aleksandr in both knowledge, and combat. When Aleksandr was 14, his father was captured and publicly executed as an Anti-Russian, Pro-NATO terrorist. His mother managed to take him and flee to the United States. Aleksandr and his mother arrived in a region close to the Excelsior Academy, and when he turned 15, they enrolled him. Thanks to his father's education, he did not need much time to integrate into the school, but he still does not feel very welcome. He was quick to seek out and join the Drama Club, as he had a passion for acting. The were hesitant, but soon accepted him after an amazing performance. He was also quick to start a weekly writing club, which has a few members, but most are hesitant to join due to Aleksandr's reputation. Even after a full year enrolled at the school, many are hesitant to interact with Aleksandr, but he remains hopeful and positive.
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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:11 pm

We are eating breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGH POINT GUYS!

Ok this will give us times to get back into the chars and get back into the swing...and I still need to decide excatlly how to get the stone rolling further. I have ideas I just need to hammer down a starting point. Oration was mentoid but probably will not happen on screen, though I am rough sketching a vice dean npc. If I accepted the char last time there in again unless you`re changing them. I may copy and paste the bios in mass once we get a list of the returners but really...how hard is a copy and paste guys.

Still accepting of course.

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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:30 pm

Edited all there history's a tad. Taking the family thing out of Mike and the bender, and Marys dad is a pastor. Also fleshed Mikes history a tad.

Quote :
Name: Mary Jane

Appearance: She won`t stand out in a crowd,she has a very normal appearance. She`s of average height,with a average body type a very small bust. Her, hair is a fluffy and knotty ginger mane that reaches down her back. Her hair is knotted due to a lack of brushing and proper care. Leaves and sticks are constantly being found stuck in her hair. She normally wears your normal clothes, not really caring to compliment her mediocre forum. During the colder seasons she enjoys green knitted sweaters, and green and white hoodies. During the warmer months she enjoys green t shirts and jeans. She has freckles along her cheeks,shoulders and arms. Her lime green sandals are falling apart from overuse. She has a birth mark the shape of a lopsided peanut on her left arm.

Main Power:Agrokinesis:Can shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. The user can cause plants to grow, move/attack mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure and revive withered or dead plants.

Secondary Power(s):Ecological Empathy: She has a almost symbiotic relationship with plants and nature. Due to this she can sense the overall well-being and conditions of their immediate environment and natural setting. A balanced ecosystem with healthy plant life, makes her feel happy and cheery. A disturbed ecosystem with dead and dying plants will make her sick and depressed. This also gives her a unnatural awareness of her surroundings

.Plant Whispering:Can interpret the electrical and chemical signals plants use to communicate and understand them.

Strengths:Determined, can control any nearby plant,enhanced knowledge and understanding of surrounding,loyal, true to her ideals.

Weaknesses:Powerless in plant-less areas.High levels of radiation in a concentrated area may cause defects in the ability,attacks from fire and ice manips can cause issues. A tad naive, stubborn and headstrong, to vocal about ideals..

Likes: Nature,reading, the natural order of things,long walks in the woods, Owl city,gardening, special brownies,cooking,herbs,animals, lying in the grass.
Dislikes:[b] Urban areas,paving over nature, unnatural elements in a ecosystem,people killing her plants,bullys,governments,Obama,cruelty to animals,pretty girls,

[b]Extracurricular activities: Gardening club,service club, planning protests

Personality: Mary is a sweet and naive girl.Mary is very idealistic,and still has enough youth to believe in them.Her personality is simple enough,she`s a young sweet girl with good intentions and big ideas.She thinks shouts and signs can save the world. She highly values civil rights and is a liberal politically. She is very in tune with nature and believes in the protection of it.She is her most calm and attune while in nature. She is also very loyal to what and who she believes in.

History:Mary was a normal girl, in a normal town with a normal family. Mary always wanted to save the world, right injustices, and etc etc. It was no shock when her activist phase kicked in early.Her last year of middle school she had began to feel funny, She was more aware of things and began to have these odd sensations.Most just wrote it off as a freak puberty thing, and she lived her live.She joined a bunch of high schoolers and college students at a protest.

The factory of which they were protesting had hired a private security firm. They started by trying to force them off the property, things got out of hand and punches were thrown, Mary was in over her head and tried to leave but got pushed to the ground. Fear and adrenaline was surging through her body,and then it happened. As part of beautification rose veins had been placed along the fencing,waiting to bud. In that moment,the vines ripped off of the fences and then people were flying through the air. Mary went home and her parents tried to act normal but they were bank tellers and a pastor they couldn`t handle it. One night after dinner, her grandfather called. She expected more of his insane ramblings about super powers and what not,but he merely dropped the name Excelsior Academy

Quote :
Name: Evelyn and Johnny Rockwell
Gender:It`s complicated

Appearance: Evelyn is a tall and voluptuous young woman. She has freckles on her cheeks, back,legs, and shoulder all over pretty much. Her head is caught aflame by the mame of fiery red hair that adorns it, as her emerald green eyes stare at you with a strong and defiant gilmer. Her small barely visible nose, keeps guard over a smile so mischievous those who see fear for themselves.

JJhonny Like his sister is very tall unlike his sister he enjoys rather toned arms and some nice abs if he does say so himself. Black hair with a teensy bit going down over his eyes, and a nice collection of stubble. Somber black eyes, with tan skin. He normally wears black short sleeve t shirts, under a light leather jacket with black pants and black sneakers. On his left hand he wears a silver ring of a dragon hugging the finger that he bought at a pawn shop, and a silver ring with a ocean blue stone. On his right hand he wears a pure gold mens ring complete with a shinnying red ruby. His grandfather gave it to him out of pity for being locked away. He is almost always seen with a silver lighter in hand, sometimes he won`t even smoke just likes to watch the flames.

They both wear a yin yang necklace around the necks. They change clothes as they change forms but that always stays.

Main Power:
Gender Bender: Evelyn absorbed her twin brothers fetus in the womb. His body grew inside of her as a series of genetic code and phenotypes, she can shift into his male form giving him control of the body.

Absorption She can absorb matter/energy, power, etc., while into their body and use it in various ways. Requires physical contact. Most are temporary, though she can keep one absorbatoin at a time as a “hard save” to revert back to. At this time her “hard save” is Jhonny. Jhonny goes “silent” when a new trait is absorbed and can be destroyed completely if “saved over .

Secondary Power(s):
Muscle Mimic: Can copy any seen pyshcil feat. Feats must be recopied each time he is brought out

Strengths: (What are your strong points? List them here!)Determined personality, can take on any power or trait, dominant personality,does not stand down, quick witted, cunning, good at math and science, skilled in using her looks to get her way, knows tae know do.

Cunning, good at english and history, knows when to shut his trap, well read, good strategist, good with tech, knows how to keep things from getting to him, makes the most of his time, passionate, loyal, passed his drivers test*, good with cars, hardworking,

*Evelyn did not, though she won`t tell you that.

Weaknesses: Overly flirtatious, reckless at times, over confident, doesn`t know when to back down, doesn`t know when to shut up, only two absorption's at a time, need physical contact, overbearing, goes to far, Hot headed

Bitter, , doesn`t like to open up, stays in the background, observes for to long before getting, involved, smokes, likes to drink, loner


[b]Extracurricular activities:Horseback riding, founder of women for women rights club, columnist in the school paper

Track and field, basketball, photographer and poet for journalism.

Personality: Evelyn is a very interesting girl. She`s a feminist true and true agnsit objefaction of women and sexism in all forms. She is also very flirtatious and not sexually modest at all. She believes women should embrace sex as a part of them. She`s very outspoken prone to making a scene and quite a drama queen. Fierce and agerisve, possibly psychotic. loyal to the end and smart to, if you have a problem she`ll try to fix it. A bit to full of herself.

On the outside he comes off as you`r normal rebel jock type. All black, basket ball, jewelry fits the stereotype to a t. He tries to give off this juvenile vibe. Which with smoking, fighting, failing grades, and drinking isn`t that hard to give off. He doesn`t want most people to see more then that, he`s been hurt in the past. Once he slip past the roman soldiers you will find, a eccentric yet sweet poet of a soul who may be slightly stalkerish. He has quite the vurienable soul in reality the heart and mind of a writer and enough life experience to fuel it. He`s sweet and thoughtful, really couldn`t care less about what "society" deems "right". His heart beats with passion, and ecentirism in every beat but his walls blind it from view.

History: Will reveal ic raised by CEO of a defense company.

Quote :
Name:Michelangelo Hethenheffer
Nickname: Mike

Appearance: Tall and lean he`s not very muscelaur. Messy light brown hair, he combs it but he runs his hand through it all day. Green eyes, which look funny agnsit his pale skin and brown hair. He wears contacts that make his eyes look light blue. He normally wears white or black graphic tees of various varieties, with a open black vest over it. He also wears a fedora grey with blue trim. He has various scars on his chest and what looks like burns around where his heart is. He keeps thick black rimmed glasses on hand.

Main Power: Ecectirictiy Manipulatoin (issues controlling this)
Secondary Power(s) Technology Manipulation by controlling the electrical functions of technology.

Strengths: Self proclaimed genius, calm and collected, i don`t know what else to put here
Weaknesses: Can`t get wet, paranoid,

Likes: Journalism, investigating, robotics, tech, fedoras, anmie, sc fi, super hero shows, comic books, the new york times apples, yoyos

Dislikes:[b] water, swimming, being shirtless, my uncle, idiots, gym, pyschil activey, sports, bacon, the IT guy (I don`t trust him)

[b]Extracurricular activities: Journalism (editor in chief),robotics (co 2nd in command)

Personality: On the outside he comes off as you`r normal nerdy nice guy. On the inside he can be quite manipulative and calculating. This coupled with parinoa has led to varous observatoins on his classmates. Though he really is a nice guy to those that get in the circle of friends, and can be thoughtful and shows it in small simple gestures that often go unocteid. Loves Apples and fruits, the doctors say the citric acid does blah blah just give him a apple.

History:Mikes father had the same gift as him, and was a rising star in the milltaery. After his wives death he kept together for a few years via closet alcoholism but he eventually broke down and his son was taken away. Mike thankfully never went into foster care rather being bounced from family member to family member, while his Aunt Mary remains his guardian legally. It`s not a bad family just not very close knit and Mike always stayed at the edges of it and they didn`t know what do with him. So they bounce him from journalism retreat and college camps in the summer and slid him a debt card and some new cloths for when he goes to school in the fall.
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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:01 pm

Here are my old bios:
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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:28 pm

Quote :
"You might have a power. You may use it, thinking you are invincible. But i guarantee, you have never met anything like me before. You cant kill something that you dont even realise you should be killing."

Name: Adam Larcia
Age: 16
Gender: Male


Main Power: Normality Field- Adam has the power to project a field around himself, affecting all the actions that he does. When activated, whatever act Adam does, will instantly be assumed by any observer to be within expectation for the situation at hand. He has used this power to kill multiple people in the past, with their families and friends barely noticing their deaths and soon forgetting about their existance later. This only works however, as long as he is using the field during the time that he kills them. The field can also affect technology. The field is not entirely foolproof though, and sometimes an observer starts to wonder about the event that just happened...
Secondary Power(s)- He has a considerable healing factor, being able to heal wounds at a much faster rate than most humans. He is even able to grow some parts of his body back, such as fingers, toes, and even his tongue.

Strengths: His aura makes him an extremely difficult opponent to defend against, and the after affects make him able to escape punishment for his crimes time and time again. He also has a considerable knowledge of the vulnerable areas of the human body. Should he be backed into a corner, and cannot use his power effectively, he will viciously attack, despite having no combat training, he simply does everything he can to hurt his opponent as much as possible in a manner not unlike that of a cornered rat. He is also considerably more intelligent than he first appears, and uses it to plan his murders (or as he prefers to call them, "Disposal") in advance.

Weaknesses: Healing factor and Normality Field aside, he is no stronger or faster than any other human. He can only keep the normality field running for as long as he can hold his breath, and considering he is physically underwhelming, this makes for 10 seconds at most. The activation of the field is heralded by him taking a deep breath, so anyone seeing him do this can prepare accordingly. His makeshift combat style is only really good for the element of surprise, and consists of little more than punching and stabbing wildly into sensitive areas. Anyone with any kind of combat training can make mincemeat out of him after the initial shock wears off. He is also quite paranoid. Many a time has occurred when he was almost caught for trying to destroy evidence. (he was sent to the academy after attempting to burn down a police station evidence room, after the smoke made him cough and become noticeable to the officers)

Likes: Blades, killing anything he takes a intense dislike to, people who don't annoy him. Any food made out of an animal.
Dislikes:[b] Annoying people, needlessly violent people (yes, really), in fact, most people in general.

[b]Extracurricular activities: Art, Music, Drama

Personality: Adam's personality is best described as friendly, even if he does have a habit of daydreaming at inappropriate times. This is just a facade however, and underneath there is a cold, violent and calculating sociopath. he does show flashes of kindness to some people however, assuming they are nice to him. He often kills with little to no thought. His preferred weapon is a eight inch switchblade and his preferred method of "Disposal" is a fast slash to the throat. If hes feeling merciful, he strikes at the base of the spine. If he cannot get his hands on a knife, he is capable of using firearms. When it comes to his powers, he is somewhat superior, believing all other power users to be idiots who dont use their powers how they like. He can be extremely charming when he wants to be and is fairly popular with the ladies. However, this is usually unintentional.

History: Adam dousnt remember much of his childhood, and spent the first 8 years of his life in a government-run orphanage. He became used to being looked down upon, and secretly began to resent almost everyone around him.

One day, he came across a store being robbed at gunpoint. Activating his field, Adam walked up to the thief, plucked his gun out of his hands and shot him through the head. Unfortunately, he didnt entirely understand how his power worked, and accidently deactivated the field a split second before he pulled the trigger. This led to his arrest, and his apathetic attitude towards the killing led him to be put in a mental hospital for the next three years of his life. After those years, he decided he didnt want to be there anymore, and broke out, simply using his power to steal some keys and stroll out of the door.

The next few years mostly involved his survival at all costs, although he passed the time by killing anyone that he decided that the world could do without. Eventually, he slipped up and was captured again. He was then forced to go to the academy, in order to use his power to help people. He still possesses a apathetic attitude towards life and death however, and he would happily kill several of the more unpleasant students at the school. He also keeps his power a secret from all of the other students, simply passing off his advanced regeneration as his ability.
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Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy

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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:23 pm

Jason will be returning. Alphonse died of rabies or something.
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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:54 pm

Name: Violet Dusk
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Violet has long, wavy black hair and pale skin, though on her, it makes her seem more doll-like and delicate than it does vampy and tough. Her eyes are dark blue, like the color of water at night, and she is 5'3 with a slender frame. She has a good fashion sense, but is just as comfy in a t-shirt and jeans--her clothes depend on her mood. For more of a picture, she has decent cheekbones, and her nose is one of those that turn up just enough to be cute but not enough to look like the snobby-type. Her lips are small, but heart-shaped, and suit her face well. She has a scar running from her left shoulder to her to across her left collar bone, from where she used her power the first time by accident and injured herself.

Main Power: Violet has the ability to turn water into purple-ish black crystal. But if she overuses this power, black marks will sear her flesh like fire until she either stops using her ability or over uses it to the point where the burns will then attack her nerves until she literally can't use them.

Strengths: Knows how to help people out, will stand up for others, is a quick learner. Except when it comes to math.
Weaknesses: Violet tends to shy away from heights, and has an unexplained fear of being buried alive or confined in too small of spaces. (Right. Heights and too small places. XD)

Likes: Violet likes white chocolate, crafting things from her power, and purple is of course her favorite color.
Dislikes:[b] She hates math, with every fiber in her being. Overly arrogant people annoy her, and she doesn't like it when adults think they have to treat her like some specimen becuase of what she can do.

[b]Extracurricular activities: Horseback riding, fencing

Personality: Violet can come off as quiet, but that's usually because she's observing. She's rather strong-willed, and despite being mostly polite she has points where she can't stand people or thier actions and will not hesitate to tell them off if needed. Most of the time, though, she is pleasant to be around.

History: Ew. History, X'D Can I think of this lattteeerrrrr?

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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:56 pm

Looks good Keyblade, welcome to Excel.
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Space Cowboy

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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:54 pm

Because Key was looking for it.

Quote :
Name: Jason Smith
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jason is still holding out for one last growth spurt as he stands only 64 1/2 inches tall. While no one would describe him as bulky he has managed to put on some lean mass through weight training and boxing, although the way he struts around while shirtless you'd think he had won Mr. Olympia. He has light brown hair and hazel eyes. His hair is often matted down as he insists on wearing a hat with some form of brim whenever outside, and often protests taking it off even inside. When not showing off his moderately impressive physique he prefers baggie clothes with big pockets.

Main Power: replication: he can perfectly duplicate objects with no demonstrated upper limit. He can control the location on orientation in space of his replicas. If replicating a moving object his replica will have the original objects starting velocity upon creation. Once created he has no influence over the duplicates nor can he absorb or destroy said replicas.

Secondary Power(s): Numerical Precisionbasically everything on the linked page. Feeling lazy, meh.

Strengths: He is creative in the use of his powers. Duplication allows him to turn any projectile into a dangerous spread. He can create major nuisances  and threats out of seemingly inconsequential objects by increasing the quantity to absurd levels or positioning them in an inconvenient location. He is pretty fast for a normal human and a decent long distance runner. His mathematical aptitude allows him to predict the trajectory of objects almost flawlessly which allows for enhanced aim and dodging.
Weaknesses: He is physically a mostly average human. His average human reflexes limits the application of his gifts in making predictions, for example he is too slow to dodge bullets. His creations cannot be unmade which means they become just as troublesome to him if made carelessly.
Likes: competition, socializing, particularly amusing others, shameless flirting, ping pong, darts, billiards, poker.
Dislikes: getting up early, the system, anyone who doesn't get his humor, the sun getting in his eyes.

Extracurricular activities: track and field, boxing, and basketball

Personality: People often accuse him of being lazy. He insists he simply has a different set of priorities than most.  He takes most thing lightly and it confounds him that others get so upset so easily over seemingly nothing.

History: Just a city boy. Born and raised in south Detriot. He took the midnight train going anywhere.
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Space Cowboy
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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:51 pm

Hey Tuna, are you going to do this or what?
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PostSubject: Re: Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.    

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Excelsior Academy: Home to those giftefd in mind,body, and spirt.
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