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 A Neko Story: Continuation [Story Plan]

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PostSubject: A Neko Story: Continuation [Story Plan]   Mon May 18, 2015 1:39 pm

"Season 1"

1) Starts off with Hikari and Konji and the whole gang meeting, (Kuro, Konji, Konakiro, Shun, Hikari, and Kitsune) they all go to the same school, except kitsu and kuro.
2) Filler season.... lol. Long story short Hikari wants konji to love her and other stuff and at end of story Konjiki no Yame decides to drink Hikari Takamora's blood after she gets drunk at a party after a relapse and licks the cut she just made on her arm, healing it, then kisses the face to her neck, then draws line of vein and drinks, until she almost dies. (END STORY HERE) *EVERYONE MUST BELIEVE THERE ISN'T GOING TO BE A SEASON TWO, KONJI has to break down, Kuro beats crap out of him, konakiro and shun stop fight, etc. etc.*

"Season 2"

1) Hikari finally wakes up and doesn't remember anything not even her name, Kuro again beats up konji, lol he gets beat up a lot, Again the two stop the fighting.
2) Kuro takes Hikari and everyone (except Kitsu) on tour and "memory lane" all summer long. Everyone (except konji) tries to win her heart again. Konji explains what he does. Hikari remembers, the kisses Konji on the cheek? <---Maybe when she remembers everything/full kiss on lips?--->And everything gets better from there.

"Season 3"

Idk yet.
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A Neko Story: Continuation [Story Plan]
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