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 The sorrow of the half breeds

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PostSubject: The sorrow of the half breeds    Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:28 pm

Far far away in a fanstey land where all creatures of many types roam, frolic, and procreate. Most creatures ether destroy or indorctine there half breed young. The half breeds born or found in the human/evlen lands may live. However the powers and abitles shall be bond by the charms they are forced to wear. Most swear over half there lifetimes to serve what ever owner chooses them. Just to spend there twilight years in what comforts aren`t banned from them. Others mainly the dhampers, half elves, and half dragons travel the land selling themselves as sell swords, monster hunter,s and mages. The rest die in the gutters as beggars.

Something stirs the balance, monsters come attacking more and more prepping for war in the shadows. Half breeds are needed more then ever. The need for them has made them grow bold, blood spills in city's as they riot and rebel, the half breeds are rising up agnsit there oppressors!
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The sorrow of the half breeds
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