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 Rei's Compilation RP (Renewed and continued.)

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Rei's Compilation RP (Renewed and continued.) Empty
PostSubject: Rei's Compilation RP (Renewed and continued.)   Rei's Compilation RP (Renewed and continued.) EmptySat Jul 26, 2014 4:25 am

This thread/topic is all about an RP I'm planning with four others including our very own NoelBles and SaberXNight. Here's what we've got so far:

(Before though, Big Thanks to Sata, Kira, Aika and Saber for all their effort on this. Also, A small thanks to Isara for checking over the small details that she has done and helped with. Like with Researching certain 'Classes' for us all. ^^')

An edit: I've made a new post for this and I've kept the old post for various reasons, but I'd liek to say that it's just me working on this now, so it's only 1/5th of the brain power then it used to be... I just hope I can get this thing going. Idea's and comments are welcome.

RP Title: Outer Heaven's Divide

Story Summery: Terrigriga, A land known for it's peaceful nature in the past, has fallen into turmoil. The land used to be a home to all the 'races' that lived there, however, upon arrival of a new race, who called themselves Balkra, they claimed to have come to secure the future of the land, and to make sure that it survives the war that is about to come upon it, all the 'factions' would start throwing skirmishes against each other, the reasoning for this is that they are being influenced by the God and goddess' of the world. The Balkra arrived to find a young girl who held the entire future in her ideal's, but lacked an army to do so. The force they assembled for her was small, but adequate enough. Among Paz's force were two 'Warriors' known for their deeds throughout time, Dimensions and Universes, they were known as the Mistress of the Blade and the Mistress of Silence, Warriors with unparalleled skill in combat with their respective weapons, never seen apart but never portrayed correctly in pictures.
The goal of Paz's force: To send the Gods back to where they came from and let the land revel in it's peaceful nature once again.

Other Warriors include a Succubus who is known for her 'violent' nature, but a firm believer in peace. Choosing to solve her problems through shutting the opposing people up... Permanently. Known for kicking her team-mates when they annoy her. Another Warrior is a Golem of Ancient Power, known for it's calm personality and strong defence, risking it's own life to protect it's 'friends'. The last notable warrior as of late to join Paz is a Maiden of the Moon known as Aura, Little is known about her aside from the legends about her, but even they barely touch upon her skills, causing her to be a Engima among the force.

(The land Appearance: http://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/1207648/

Races being involved (All Races have inherent Abilities that will be added Later.):

Maiden's of the moon, Solari, Necromancer's, Elves, Humans, Telari's, Dragon-Morph's, Androids,
Dwarves, Trewa, Orcs, Succubi, Plant 'morphs', Balkra, Semi-Humans,
Angels, Darkspawn (Yeah, Dragon Age), Catra's and Golems

(Small 'description/bio' of unknown.)
Balkra = Inter-Dimenstional Time Police
Telari = Living beings of Magic
Trewa = Humanoid Giants with Animilistic features
Catra = Fragile humans wreathed in shadow

'Passive' Race Abilities:
Human: Humans aren't 'spectacular' compared to most races, having average 'stats' on everything, however, they are known for their will and defiance to impossible situations, giving them a advantage against the armies that now threaten the land.
Maiden's of the moon: Maiden's of the moon are slightly more fragile then humans, but possess an inhuman like agility, they are known for being unnaturally pale, showing their connection to the moon and the night. While the moon is in the sky, the Maiden's battle prowess improves, improving their already increadible agility and also granting them access to 'Luna Crest', a powerful spell that harnesses the energy of the moon.
Plant 'morphs'
Darkspawn (Yeah, Dragon Age)

Classes:(Work in progress, Abilities will be added later. )

Warrior: Uses Swords of all variations, Shields and Spears
Rogue: Uses Twin Daggers, Bows and traps
Dragon Calvary: (Limited to Dragon Morphs) Uses War-hammers, Long Spears and Great Swords (Limited to Dragon Morph's due to ability to wield all of these with one arm.)
Archer: Bows and Short swords.
Strider: A combination class, Combining Rouge's with Warriors, able to Wield Duel Swords, Bows and Shields.
Mage: A simple Magic user, using Staves, Wands and staffs.
Paladin: A Warrior of Holy Might, Uses Hammers, Swords and Shields.
Vanguard: A Soldier who takes to the frontlines with Tower Shields, Spears and Swords.
Gunslinger: (Limited to Balkra), Wields Duel Pistols, Shotguns and Sub-Machine guns.
Wizard: A small variation of the Mage, Wields Staves and Staffs.
Magna Carta Wizard: An variation of the Mage, Wields Gauntlets, Swords and Staves.
Priest/Priestess: A holy magic healer, Wields Staffs, Staves and shields.
Knight: A Warrior with Massive Defence and High Skill, Wields Swords and Shields, Sometimes Spears.
Succubus Knight: (Limited to Succubi for obvious reasons), A Knight with High Mobility and Attack speed. Wields Swords, Whips and Shields.
Monk: A warrior who uses their Fists to fight, Known for extraordinary strength and resistance.

(The story has been done, but that wont be shared until I actually set this up. Aika has revealed the Villains will be gods, And not the fun kind either.)

Blue Cross
Imperial Knights
Dark Knights
Coyote Organization
Paz's Force
Dragon's Default

(More are planned.)

Story NPC's: (In progress)
Paz, A young girl and wants to secure a future
King Daim
Queen Layla
Demon King Matrix
Treya, Goddess of War
Basi, God of Destruction
Crya, Goddess of Chaos.

(Please, feel free to comment on this.)


Starting stuff for Bio's: (Currently mentioned characters.)

Succubus Quote/Kudou Asuka: "The shield is a Manifestation of Weakness..."

Crya: "WE're not done yet!"

MAiden: "This time I blocked."

Paz: "If you insist, then we must fight until the end for peace!"

Mistress of the blade: "I can't remember the last time I felt scared..."

Mistress of Silence: "Time for a true display of skill."
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Rei's Compilation RP (Renewed and continued.)
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