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 A Ragtag group of 'warriors'

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A Ragtag group of 'warriors'  Empty
PostSubject: A Ragtag group of 'warriors'    A Ragtag group of 'warriors'  EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 11:05 pm

Okay, This is just a set of characters that I came up with while talking with Saber about something radically different, however they seemed like a decent 'group' of characters to put together and post on here.

Please note that these characters are somewhat incomplete in terms of back stories and the like, these will start as extremely basic and I'll expand on them as time goes on, the first 'update' if you will are just going to outline the 'knights'.

Comments welcome as always.

(I'm aware the layout for bio's is extremely similar to... Rei's, but it was one of her threads that also started the inspiration for this 'group'.)


Character One: The Immortal Leader

Name: Selena
Age: Unknown, Often thought to be around 28
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown, thought to be Human of some kind.
Weapon: 'General's Blade', A sword specially made for Selena, unknown metals were used in it's making and it has been said that the sword itself has withstood some of the most destructive forces including a gods wrath.
Appearance: Selena
Rank: General
Faction: Verore Dawn Knights

Personality: Selena is a person of few words of little meaning, but with many words of much meaning. She rarely speaks out of turn, but still demands respect from anyone serving in her 'unit', she's regarded as one of the most fair General's in service, yet her attitude often leaves people wondering how she ever achieved such a rank.


Character Two: The Traveler

Name: Mari Tella
Age: Unknown, thought to be around 23
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown, Appears Human.
Weapon: Swords known only as the 'Verore Slayers', Two swords which were personally named by their wielder after she joined the Verore knights.
Appearance: Mari
Rank: Captain/Vanguard
Faction: Verore Dawn Knights

Personality: Mari is said to be someone of power beyond belief, Some believe she has the power to slay even immortals but she herself has yet to confirm anything to do with these 'allegations'. Mari is someone who has nothing to say to those who haven't earned it, and only one person has earned it. Mari is known for being a brilliant strategist despite her quiet but respective nature.


Character Three: The Avatar of War

Name: Juri Yamato
Age: Known to be around 3,000 years old.
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown.
Weapon: A set of two 'duelist' blades, which were custom made by Juri and her 'goddess' spirit. The blades are light, yet perfectly balanced and powerful enough to rip through armor.
Appearance: Juri
Rank: Private
Faction: Verore Dawn Knights

Personality: Juri is known for having a somewhat split personality, when she is 'herself', she is rather outgoing and loud, usually very energetic and willing to try new things, however when she lets her 'goddess' take control, she turns into a 'superior' person and looks down upon everyone. Her 'Goddess' side is often only seen in the midst of battle, often arguing with the General and Captain.


Character Four: The Iron Wall

Name: Camilla Lowell
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weapon: Her shield, Camilla only uses her shield for both offense and defense. Her shield has yet to be scratched, it seems to have been made from an unknown material that is resistant to damage.
Appearance: Camilla
Faction: Verore Dawn Knights

Personality: Camilla is the shy one of the Knight group, even when in combat. Camilla is often seen as the weak link due to her small stature, however she is one of the most level headed 'troopers' in the Knights.


Character Five: The Rose Knight

Name: Lilith Arcadi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown, Thought to be a lone survivor.
Weapon: Her duel swords resemble two Tanto, but it is unknown if they are truly Tanto. Her blades often are seen leaving trails of Rose Petals when she strikes.
Appearance: Lilith
Rank: Sergeant
Faction: Verore Dawn Knights

Personality: Lilith is one of the most solitary Verore Dawn Knights, she remains at a distance from all the others despite her bright appearance but her skills in battle let the other knights overlook this slight hitch in teamwork. Lilith can and is willing to converse with the others, but only if it is about strategy and battle.


Character Six: The Beast Slayer

Name: Clare
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Thought to be human, though it is debated.
Weapon: Clare turned her Armor into a weapon to use alongside her shield and sword, Clare seems to possess the the strength to swing her sword with enough force to break bones even through armor and shields with only one arm.
Appearance: Clare
Rank: Private
Faction: Verore Dawn Knights

Personality: Clare is the quickest to anger, but she's also one of the most Level headed of all the knights despite this small flaw. Clare is often seen as the symbol of the Knights, showing both a calm side, and a tremendous amount of strength. Clare is known to be one of the best strategists available, second only to the General and main strategist.


Okay, now they all have their basic bios up, I'm going to expand on them as time goes on. I'm just happy I finally got all six of them up within a time limit. Anyway, Comments welcome as always.
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A Ragtag group of 'warriors'
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