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 A new Idea (NoelBles)

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A new Idea (NoelBles) Empty
PostSubject: A new Idea (NoelBles)   A new Idea (NoelBles) EmptyThu Mar 13, 2014 6:13 am

So, I've recovered from whatever had come across me, and I'm here to stay, however, while I was gone... Thanks to Saber <3, I've managed to think up a new Role-play I think would be worth posting here. Not that I expect it to get much attention at this early stage, or at all but gotta be hopeful!

The main idea is a Sci-Fi fighter pilot kind of RP, based on a feel of Friendship, Betrayal and of course action. The main 'story' is somewhat linear and over-used, but I was struggling to come up with something unique! The main story as of right now is as follows:

The 'Riker' Government had over-thrown the standing government and had thrown the 'alliance' that kept peace into a Tyrant state, using it's power to establish their dominance as the ultimate power in the system, as this went on, rebel factions started to form, though only one is of any notoriety to the Riker government, the Rebel Faction that goes by The Imperial Knights, made to taunt the Riker Government, that having been the name of the original forces that fought for them. The Rebel faction is in reality, only a single ship, but it's a Prototype Destroyer class ship, stolen from the Riker research facility by some of the 'loyal' former imperial knights.

The Imperial Knights were famed for their skill, though, as the war has dragged on, only a handful of the 'real' knights remain, one of them serving on the 'Dedleus' (Spelling intended), the others scattered around on other planets, choosing to leave the fight while they can. The Knight who remained on board is known for their brutality when it comes to fights, though, they have offered much tactical insight which has allowed for the Rebels to win.


Not much, but, yeah. It's still gotta be improved... Comments welcome as always.

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A new Idea (NoelBles) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A new Idea (NoelBles)   A new Idea (NoelBles) EmptyThu Mar 13, 2014 1:19 pm

I have one word for this as of right now... INTEREST!
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A new Idea (NoelBles)
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