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 Welcome to the World

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PostSubject: Welcome to the World   Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:45 pm

I step outside and it’s one thing after another. No stop, never ending, endless stream.
Ridicule, blogs and tabloids pointing at you and telling who you should be and what you should believe.
I want a break, give me a break, get the hell out of my head!
I hate this world and everything around me. It’s time I plugged in and escaped this reality once and for all, if only just for a few hours of the day
I will be in a safe haven… and those like me are welcome to come.

Welcome to the world where everything is mine.
The air you breathe, the wind you feel and unrestricted by time.
Come inside, see my mind, this is my design.
Welcome to the world where everything is mine
And it can be yours as well

Come to me, all ye outcasts and wanderers. I open the world of my mind as your haven.
Slips inside, the door is open come, come, it’s a place to see. Perfection and nothing less..
Welcome, welcome all I have a thing for you to see. Tune in and log in and escape the 3D plane full of judgment and pain.
You hate the world as much as I, come my child do not be afraid. Enter, enter please, to you I implore.
Haven is just along this way and all you have to do is open the door.

Welcome to the world where everything is yours.
Everything and anything, yours and yours alone.
Play with life, erase and build it is all a toy for you.
Welcome to the world where everything is yours.
May you become a GOD!
Welcome to the world where everything is mine.
Perfect and pure and all of my design.
Take my hand to you I implore
Because here I am, and this is the door.

The voices mocking. The fingers pointing. All aimed at you.
Swallow the pills, pull the trigger, step off the stool, drown yourself.
The tears falling. The voices screaming why. Wondering what the fuck did you do.
The chapter’s done, close the book and put it back on the shelf.
Take a break, plug in, leave a note “Goodbye World, I’ll be back in a few.

So take my hand and ignore them all. The 3D world will never listen to you.
Welcome to the world…

Welcome to the world where everything is mine.
The sun that falls, the moon that rises, it all belongs to me.
The stars that shine, shine upon my own design.
This world Is my perfection and is my vision for what works for me.
And you can take it and make it yours as well.

Welcome to the world where everything is yours.
The lies they spread will never reach you here.
Those who defy you, may you smite them willingly.
Welcome to the world where everything is yours.
A toy for you, you are the GOD!

Step through the door, to you I implore.
Escape this world, even if it’s a little for a time.
All the possibilities open up for you to explore.
And it won’t even cost you a penny or a dime.

Welcome to the world, welcome to the world.
Welcome to my world.
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Welcome to the World
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