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 The Third Wheel

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PostSubject: The Third Wheel   Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:00 pm

A little poem dedicated to those.. who feel like a third wheel to their own life.

Businessmen are the first
Commmoners are the second
But the name for which I thirst..
What do we give to those in third?

When words fail
And emotions rule
Who are we to judge
who is mean and who is cruel?

We of the third
We have no say
down in the dirt
we're forced to lay

an NPC in the Game of Life
we no longer are in control
If we try, The result is strife
On a d20 we need a 91

What can we do?
Life is not a tricycle
So the third wheel must look on
Lost in the abyss of loneliness
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The Third Wheel
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